5 years before ‘true slavery’ as AI gets alarmingly smarter

The future is here, and not in a good way.

Stu witnessed it on a recent trip to Los Angeles, where he recalled autonomous robots making deliveries all over the city. “We have robots and robotic vehicles that look like something out of Star Wars,” he explains. “They’re just driving across town.”

That’s bad enough, but there was also a big announcement when it came to ChatGPT: there’s a new version.

“The new version of this is a completely female voice, character, and it’s like having a conversation,” Stu told Glenn and Pat, adding, “This isn’t the future, ‘Hey.'” We will be able to do this in 20 years. ” It’s out now. ”

The new version also allows the app to turn into a teacher, explaining math problems to struggling students without giving them the answers.

“Our kids will have conversations with these things and think it’s completely normal,” Stu says with horror.

But things get even worse. As soon as the new version of ChatGTP was released, Google released its own update for its AI, Gemini.

“Today, when you search for something on Google, instead of prioritizing search results, which is an entire multi-billion dollar business, one of the largest companies on the planet, now through Gemini, AI ,” explains Stu.

“The priority right now is just for a large language model to go through all the results and give you an overview of what you want to read,” he added.

Glenn is very worried, but he has a theory.

“I’m convinced that a massive solar flare will actually, ultimately, cause God to free us from electronic surveillance, because that’s what’s going to stop it.” says Glenn, pointing out that otherwise the outlook is not good.

“We’re five years away from real slavery, but most people won’t even think of it as slavery.”

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