6 College Men Expelled After Masturbation Stunt During Women’s Volleyball Game

Six students from the University of Santo Amaro have been expelled after a video of disturbing masturbation on the sideline during a women’s volleyball game went viral.

A university in Sao Paulo, Brazil, expelled the students this month. angerAccording to , even though the students committed the incident in April. new york post.

The video shows members of the school’s boys futsal team (a version of indoor soccer) standing on the sideline with their shorts pulled down to their ankles and fondling themselves while girls play volleyball on the court. He is shown pretending to masturbate.

And after the game, the video shows the men running onto the court and continuing to simulate masturbation as shocked onlookers cower.

The school confirmed the stunt happened in April, but the video only went viral this week.

The school also announced that six students had been expelled, but did not release their names.

“Unisa, which has been around for over 55 years, vehemently rejects this type of behavior, which is completely hostile to its history and values,” the school said in a statement.

Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva condemned the horrifying development, as did the country’s Superintendent of Education, Camilo Santana.

“The actions of young people who are going to college with the intention of becoming doctors and taking care of people are disgusting and unacceptable,” Santana said.

“I strongly deny what happened. It is unacceptable for future doctors to behave with such disrespect for women and civility.”

Brazil’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs also condemned the students’ actions.

“Breaking centuries of misogynistic culture is an ongoing challenge that requires careful consideration of all types of gender-based violence,” the Ministry of Women’s Affairs said in a statement. “Attitudes like Unisa’s medical students can never become the norm. They must be countered with the rigor of the law.”

The São Paulo Civil Police also announced that they had opened an investigation into the shocking incident. If convicted of public indecency, the person could be sentenced to between three months and up to one year in prison.

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