6 live giant African snails seized at Detroit airport customs

US Customs and Border Protection found six live giant African snails in a suitcase when a traveler recently arrived at Detroit Metro Airport. All of these were meant to be eaten.

When the traveler arrived in the United States from Ghana, the snail was in a suitcase and was quickly intercepted by CBP.

They are all meant to be consumed and can pose health risks to humans and the environment, according to CBP.

“Our CBP personnel and agricultural experts are working diligently to target, detect and intercept potential threats before they harm U.S. interests,” said Port Authority Director Robert. Larkin says. “The discovery of this highly invasive pest has real benefits for the health and well-being of Americans.”

Giant African snails can carry parasitic nematodes that lead to meningitis in humans.

Snails were brought to America for eating.
US Customs and Border Protection

Snails can also eat at least 500 plant species, along with gypsum and stucco, which can cause significant damage to structures and ecosystems.

They are considered a banned pest in the United States, but are popular for consumption and kept as pets in other countries.

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