7 lucky people prove Apple Watch can save lives

In 1989, a medical alert company’s catchphrase, “You can’t get up if you fall,” gained attention.

Little did we know that this concept of emergency assistance would evolve so dramatically through technology.

By 2018, Apple Watch Series 4 introduced fall detection. This feature has since become essential on later models. apple watch SE Through the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra series, we are playing a critical role in health emergencies.

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Apple Watch fall detection. (apple)

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The real-world impact of Apple Watch’s life-saving features that saved 7 lucky people

Apple Watch’s fall detection feature has been proven to potentially save lives in a variety of real-world scenarios. Here are just a few recent examples.

Avoiding hypothermia: A man at risk of hypothermia activated Emergency SOS on his Apple Watch, which led to rapid life-saving response by emergency services.

Senior’s rescue: A 78-year-old man’s Apple Watch detected a major fall, prompting emergency help that could have saved his life.

traffic accident rescue: Casey Anderson with her baby relied on her Apple Watch to call for help after a serious car accident, highlighting the important role of watches in emergencies.

health warning: Heather Hendershot received important health alerts from her Apple Watch, highlighting Apple Watch’s capabilities beyond fall detection.

Technology reporter experience: Toralb Ostwang’s Apple Watch shows its importance in emergency response by detecting that he is stuck due to a fall and alerting emergency services, who then contact the police, who then contact his wife and call the paramedics. I told him where he was.

What happened in the hotel room: Beira Belle Christianson’s Apple Watch has fall detection, which helped her call for help after losing consciousness, highlighting how this feature could save lives.

How Apple Watch uses sensors and algorithms to detect hard falls

Apple Watch has a feature that can detect severe falls using the following components:

  • The watch’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors measure the speed and direction of wrist movement.
  • The watch’s custom algorithm analyzes data from the sensors and compares it to typical patterns of severe falls.
  • If the algorithm determines that you have had a hard fall, the watch’s warning feature will activate, vibrating, making a sound, and displaying a warning on the screen.
  • Call emergency services or press the Digital Crown;[閉じる]or tap[大丈夫です]You can close the alert by tapping .
  • If your watch detects your movement, it won’t automatically call emergency services. Wait for you to respond to the alert.
  • If your watch detects that you haven’t moved for about a minute, it will automatically call emergency services and send a message to your emergency contacts indicating your location. The watch retrieves your emergency contacts from your medical ID.

Make sure your age is set correctly on your Apple Watch

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This feature is automatically enabled for users 55 and older based on the age you enter when setting up your Apple Watch or in the Health app. To verify that this feature works properly, medical ID and your health profile Have the correct age. This feature is not available to users under the age of 18.

Set up a medical ID and add emergency contacts

  • Open setting On iPhone
  • Then tap health
  • Then click medical ID
  • Tap edit in the top right corner of the screen
  • Please enter your ~ date of birth others health information
  • To add emergency contactTap Add (+) button It’s located under Emergency Contacts.Tap contactafter that add their relationship
  • Toggle on to make your medical ID available from the lock screen. Displayed when locked. In an emergency, we provide information to those seeking help.
  • Turn on to share your medical ID with emergency responders Share during an emergency call. When you call or text emergency services with your iPhone or Apple Watch, your Medical ID is automatically shared with them.
  • Tap end
apple watch 2

iPhone medical ID. (apple)

ER Visit Times: Here’s how much time patients spend in the emergency room in each state.

Set up your health profile

  • On your iPhone, health app
  • Tap. Overview tab Tap at the bottom left of the screen, profile photo in the upper right corner
  • Tap Details of health status, Then tap edit
  • add your informationdate of birth, blood type, etc.
apple watch 3

Health details on iPhone. (apple)

Manually activating fall detection on iPhone

If you’re under 55, you can manually enable this feature in your Apple Watch settings. Here’s how:

  • open clock app On iPhone
  • going to my watch tab
  • select Emergency SOS
  • toggle on Fall detection
  • When fall detection is turned on, you can select: always on or ON only during training
apple watch 4

Steps to enable fall detection on Apple Watch. (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson)

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These are the latest Apple Watches with fall detection

apple watch 5

Apple Watch with fall detection function. (apple)

Comparison of the latest Apple Watch models

apple watch SE – Starting at $299 (GPS + Cellphone), starting at $249 (GPS) – Includes 44mm/40mm aluminum case, Retina display, S8 SiP, and various health and safety features.

apple watch series 9 – Starting at $499 (GPS + Cellphone), starting at $399 (GPS) – Offers a 45mm/41mm aluminum or stainless steel case, Always-On Retina display, S9 SiP, and advanced health and safety features.

apple watch ultra 2 – $799 (GPS + cell phone) – It features a 49mm titanium case, Always On Retina display, S9 SiP, and comprehensive health, safety, and sports features.

Details: APPLE WATCH Series 9 VS. Ultra 2: Which one should you buy?

Integration with iPhone 14 and 15

For iPhone 14 and 15 users, fall detection notifications are Emergency SOS Via satellite systems in areas without cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.

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Cart important points

Apple Watch is more than just a luxury gadget. It’s a lifesaver. Features like fall detection and emergency SOS let you know when you need help and contact emergency services. This is why I think it’s worth spending a little extra to equip your Watch with a cellular connectivity option. It can also monitor your health and alert you if something is wrong. As far as I know, there’s no other consumer watch that can do anything remotely close to functioning as a powerful life-saving tool, so this seems like it would be worth every penny.


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