7 ways to stop paying so much on streaming every dang month

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Five years ago, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu with live TV cost about $56 a month. not bad! Currently, the same service costs more than $ is it that Because it’s outrageous?

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New research shows we’re more picky than ever about how much we pay for streaming. Let’s take a look at some smart ways people save money. That way you can save money too.

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If it’s not already clear, we all Reduce streaming The main reason is that these services are very expensive. Sure, some people have reached their TV viewing limits during the pandemic (raises hand), but costs remain out of control.

This illustrated photo taken on January 2, 2023 in Krakow, Poland, shows the Netflix sign-in page on a laptop screen and the Netflix logo on a mobile phone screen. . ((Photo credit: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto, Getty Images))

Recent monthly price increases include:

  • Ad-free Netflix plans: From $13.99 to $15.49
  • Ad-free Disney+ Premium: From $11 to $14
  • Ad-free Hulu and Live TV: From $70 to $77
  • Amazon Prime Video without ads: From $0 to $2.99, plus you have to pay $14.99 per month for Prime

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Over the past two years, about 25% of American streaming subscribers have canceled at least three services. Well, I fall into that category too!

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Elderly person with child using remote control indoors (St. Petersburg)

OK, ready to save

i feel you. You don’t have to cut out your streaming altogether to save a ton of money either.

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  • Get creative! What do you always pay for things you don’t need? Look at you, sports addons. Once certain events or seasons are over, cancel them.
  • Focus on what you see most often. If you haven’t watched anything on Netflix, you won’t be able to watch it until the show starts again. A few active services are usually sufficient for one family.
  • Watch ads. Streaming companies are desperate to retain users, and if you’re willing to put up with commercials, you can get free or cheaper options.
  • Please hold on tight. In some cases, you may even forget what you paid for.i use rocket money (My podcast sponsor) did it for me. You can also check your bank or credit card statement to see all your streaming charges.
  • Consider an antenna. If you’re a sports fan and your favorite game is broadcast on a local channel, this is a it is Solid options including DVRand This will get the job done within budget. try this site See what channels you can watch at home.
  • Test your freebie. Pluto TV, Tubi, and many other services still cost nothing at all. advertisement? yes. free? yes. Here’s the big list of giveaways!
  • Sharing is caring. Not everyone has banned this yet.Amazon allows you to Share with 6 people. Six people can use his Apple TV+ through Apple’s Family Sharing feature. Disney+ has started cracking down on password sharing for users in Canada, but it’s still okay here in the US for now.

My husband Barry is a serial subscriber.

If there are paid apps or services, I’ll try to find them. I regularly go and cancel the ones he doesn’t use. Then every few months he yells, “Kim! Did you cancel this?” He just laughs.

But seriously, do this with your spouse, your kids, anyone. If no one is watching, please cancel. I’m sure they won’t even notice.

Insignia F30 Series TV

Images of the Insignia F30 series TV displaying video and Hulu streaming services. (insignia)

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