8 Migrant Buses Head to Chicago After Texas Gov. Abbott Skirts Around New City Ordinance

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) continues to transport illegal immigrants to Chicago despite the city's new ordinance targeting busing, leaving hundreds of asylum seekers overnight. Eight buses were on their way to the sanctuary city Sunday morning after being airlifted to the city. wagon 9 report.

350 immigrants landed late Saturday night in Rockford.The Illinois city is about 90 minutes from Chicago, according to WGN9.

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The chartered jumbo jet flew from San Antonio, Texas, and landed at Rockford International Airport around 1 a.m., then loaded the migrants onto buses also chartered by Abbott.

Some migrants were dropped off in suburban areas along the way, but as of early Sunday afternoon the caravan had not yet arrived in Chicago, city officials told local media.

Mr. Abbott continues to bus people across the border to sanctuary cities across the country, including Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

Breitbart News in early November report Based on numbers provided by Abbott, the total number of immigrants shipped out of Texas was tallied at about 63,000.

The Republican governor announced that charter flights will begin operating on Dec. 20 to help immigrants with the relocation process. The first flight is El Paso to Chicagocarries 120 passengers.

The move comes after Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) implemented a new city ordinance targeting buses that drop off migrants without permission or at other than authorized times and locations, WTTW reported. Ta. report. In addition to fines, the latest regulations include the power to seize and tow buses.

Rockford city officials released a statement acknowledging that Mayor Johnson's new ordinance resulted in migrant planes landing in Rockford, which is not a sanctuary city like Chicago.

“As many of you are aware, the City of Chicago recently adopted an ordinance that establishes certain requirements related to immigrant arrivals,” the newspaper said in a statement. “As a result, the Governor of Texas has redirected buses and planes to other nearby cities.”

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Johnson filed a complaint with X, writing, “I have not heard from the State of Texas and the City of Chicago was notified by Rockford authorities regarding this flight.”

“Once they landed, the asylum seekers were loaded into buses chartered by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, dropped off in various surrounding suburbs, and left to find their way into the city,” he continued. Ta. “This is the second recorded case in which a Texas governor has transported asylum seekers on a private plane.”

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) asked non-sanctuary communities in suburban Chicago to offload some of the influx of migrants in September. Recruitment $41.5 million Grants to pay for housing, food, legal aid, and medical expenses.



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