8-year-old boy died ‘car surfing’ while teen sister drove

An 8-year-old Virginia boy died after falling off the roof of a moving car while his older sister was “car surfing” at the wheel, police said.

New footage reviewed by Hampton Police shows an unidentified minor jumped out of the window of a 2006 Ford Explorer on Oct. 2 under the watchful eye of Enasia Futrell, 18. .

While his sister drove the car around an apartment complex on Golden Gate Drive, the boy stood on the roof of the car and pretended to surf 1,000 feet until he was thrown from the car. 13 “News Now” reported.

He was found unresponsive on the road and died two days later after being airlifted to a nearby hospital.

Futrell claimed during police questioning that he didn’t notice his brother getting out of the car, but footage showed the boy and another child in the car crashing through the window without being restrained before the fall. It is also shown that it was hanging. .

Futrell, of Newport News, admitted driving 16 miles per hour over the limit in an apartment complex and being distracted.

Futrell’s mother told police that the teen often helped look after her children after school and when she was away. Another child was also in the passenger seat at the time of the incident.

Enasia Futrell, 18, was arrested after her 8-year-old brother fell off the roof of a car she was driving on Oct. 2, police said.
hampton police department
The boy was allegedly speeding on the road at an apartment complex in Hampton, Virginia.
Surveillance camera footage showed the boy surfing on the roof of a car before falling to his death.

The 18-year-old was charged with manslaughter and child endangerment.

Her bail was set at $10,000 and she is prohibited from driving.

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