‘A Big Misunderstanding’: Hannah Montana Star Mitchell Musso Speaks Out About Theft Charges

“Hannah Montana” star Mitchel Musso broke his silence in November about being charged with public intoxication and theft.

The famous actor, who played Oliver Oken on “Hannah Montana,” was arrested in Rockwall, Texas, on Aug. 15 after police responded to a call for disturbance at a hotel, according to People Magazine. Musso issued a statement to Instagram on Friday morning, letting fans know the charges against him were dropped and thanking them for their support.

“Couldn’t talk about it. Had to wait til the truth came out,” he wrote.

Musso added some shrugging emojis to his online post.

“Thank you guys for standing by me during this time, want to thank you all for listening and being there,” he wrote on his story.

“There was no theft, and I was not intoxicated,” Musso told People. “It’s just been unfortunate, but it’s a big misunderstanding.”

He did not provide additional information or address the matter further.

When the story of his arrest first broke, a press release from the Rockwall Police Department (RPD) noted some of the details surrounding the case.

“Upon arrival, officers contacted the complainant who advised an individual who appeared intoxicated entered the hotel, selected a bag of chips and began eating them,” the release said.

“When the subject was asked to pay for them, he became verbally abusive and left without rendering payment,” the press release added.

Musso came forward to note an entirely different version of events.

“This disgruntled employee, whose behavior was erratic, ripped the bag of potato chips out of my hand and started yelling at me about my attire,” Musso said, according to People.

He said he offered to pay for the chips, at which point he claimed the store employee said “Get out or I’m calling the police.” Musso stated he encouraged the employee to do so. (RELATED: ‘Four Pretty Brave Suspects’ Allegedly Stole $30,000 Worth Of Jewelry Right In Front Of Security Camera)

The actor spent one night in jail and was released on $1,000 bail, according to the RPD.