A White ‘House’ Christmas: Jill Biden Transforms Presidential Residence into a Winter Wonderland

“Each room is designed to capture this pure, unfiltered joy and imagination,” so visitors can “see this time of year through the wonderfully luminous eyes of children,” the first lady said Monday. told.

Approximately 100,000 visitors are expected to visit the White House over the holidays to experience the “magic, wonder and joy” of the White House.

According to the Associated Press, the hallways of the White House are decorated with oversized Christmas candy and sweets, and Santa’s sleigh and reindeer hang above the main entrance. A Christmas tree is also set up at the east building entrance.

“It feels like it just jumped out of the pages of a picture book. I don’t know how you feel. It just feels breathtaking,” she said.

The decoration also commemorates the 200th anniversary of the publication of the poetry collection “It Was the Night Before Christmas.”

The Library of Congress provides samples of past editions of this book, which are also on display at the White House.

Meanwhile, the White House’s official Christmas tree is in its usual spot in the Blue Room. This year’s 18.5-foot-tall Fraser Fir highlights cheerful landscapes and American towns and landscapes. Trains also orbit around it.

The State Dining Room is a recreation of Santa’s workshop, and the library has a hanging moon and twinkling stars. The China Room is a sweets shop with baked goods, and the Vermeil Room is decorated with a Marine doll holding a trumpet.

Jill Biden told reporters it was “so amazing” to see the Christmas tree when she returned from Thanksgiving break with the president Sunday night.

“When Joe and I saw it last night, we were just fascinated,” she said.

The White House has 98 Christmas trees, approximately 34,000 ornaments, 22,000 bells and more than 350 candles.

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Video provided by: Associated Press (via YouTube)

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