Aaron Judge adorably played with his dog at Yankee Stadium

Aaron Judge continues to win hearts and minds.

Judge was caught on camera on the YES network on Wednesday at a sports day with his dog Gus.

“Aaron Judge and Gus,” yelled YES station’s Michael Kaye. “How’s the gas?”

Kay laughed out loud when the Yes TV crew put up a graphic of Chiron announcing the puppy as “Gus Judge” on the screen.

Color commentator Paul O’Neill also laughed, “He’s as relaxed as I’ve seen Aaron Judge on the field.” oh! Some dogs are luckier than others. ”

Kay was surprised, “Isn’t it really the cutest?” Gus Judge was thrown a ball by a Yankee slugger and ran around the outfield.

Anthony Rizzo’s dog, Kevin, formed a friendship with Judge’s dachshund, Penny, and Lizzo used the relationship to lure Judge to re-sign with the Yankees this offseason.

“We both have dachshunds, so I sent them some pictures of our dogs together. said in The Book of Joe.

Jimmy Fallon brought this up to the judges on The Tonight Show.

“It’s always your pet’s fault, isn’t it?” Fallon asked the judge.

“He shot my heart,” Judge said of his teammate’s tactics.

Judge eventually re-signed with the Yankees on a nine-year deal valued at $360 million after a season in which he hit 62 homers, breaking the American League record set by former Yankee Roger Mullis in 1961.

“I don’t know if it will change [his day to day] That’s about it,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone told reporters after Judge signed the big deal.

Aaron Judge and his puppy Gus.
yes network

Aaron and Gus Judge running in the outfield of Yankee Stadium.
Aaron and Gus Judge running in the outfield of Yankee Stadium.
yes network

“I think it’s accelerating a little bit, coupled with the fact that he’s here now. It’s a nine-year deal, but he knows this is now his home and in many ways his team. I know without a doubt, I don’t think you’ll see much change in the person’s personality or the way things are done, but I think there are probably incremental steps in leadership where he takes responsibility.”

This season Judge is batting .288 with 14 home runs and a 1.032 OPS.

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