Aaron Rodgers’ Jets arrival has Joe Namath believing again

Joe Namus knows better than anyone what Aaron Rodgers brought to the Jets…54 years after Super Bowl III…Namus puts his finger in the air on Cloud Nine at Orange Bowl Field in Miami Busts in the ring and canton finally await him.

“It gives us a legitimate shot,” an excited Namas told The Post.

“He gives them a legitimate chance of making the playoffs and even better than the first two rounds.

“He’s making them Super Bowl contenders. I honestly believe that.”

Joe Namath then started talking about Aaron Rodgers like the NFL always talks about Joe Namath.

Asked him what caught his eye about Rogers, Broadway Joe said:

“His passing ability is No. 1. No. 2, I don’t know what’s going on in his head, but whenever we look at him, we see him confused. He always seems to know where he’s going, he can vary the speed of the ball, he can make tight passes, whether he’s running left or right or in his pocket. , change the speed of the path and know the trajectory.

“He’s great.

“Who said he was inducted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot today?”

Only everyone.

Lights, camera… Aaron.

Aaron Rodgers has given the Jets great hope, says the man who led them to their only Super Bowl win.
Corey Shipkin of NY POST

Star Town welcomed the biggest star the Jets have called their own since Broadway Joe himself.

On this day, in a packed auditorium inside the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center, the Jets showed highlights of Rogers being summoned to do what Marc Messier did for the Rangers in 1994 when Rodgers was 10 years old. I was. boy.

“I am old, so I want to be part of a team that can win everything,” said Rodgers, 39. “I believe this is the place where I can do that.”

New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath sets the tone at Bush Memorial Stadium on Jets St. Lewis Cardinals Glennon Memorial Game. All proceeds from the exhibition game will go to the Cardinal Glennon Memorial Hospital for Children.
Joe Namath’s faith in the Jets has increased with the addition of Aaron Rodgers.

He came here to win and to win big.

“I’m not here as a stopgap to have a mediocre season,” Rodgers said. “We want to win everything.”

He’s here to help get the Jets back. he’s back all the way

“While walking around this morning, I noticed that the Super Bowl III trophy looked a little lonely,” Rodgers said with a smile.

Referring to the word legacy, Rodgers spoke of playing for a hungry city and die-hard Jets fans, a team he believed in, and his love for offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. It sounded like as long as you were healthy, you would enjoy playing and inspire others.

“I’m not here to be a savior,” he said.

Oh yes.

“I’m fine with that perception. I’m fine with it. I know I’m expected to play great,” Rodgers said.

Don’t do one-offs in New York like Brett Favre did in 2008.

“They’ve definitely given up some picks for me to be here,” Rogers said.

Of course, that could all change. But the Jets are optimistic and Rogers will see the light without the necessity or urgency of a dark retreat.

Aaron Rodgers traded to Jets

On Monday, after months of speculation and rumors, the Jets and Packers reached an agreement to trade four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers to New York.

The trade will soon upgrade the Jets from a rising team to a playoff contender in hopes that it will help Rodgers break through the longest active postseason drought in the sport.

the deal

Jets Acquire: Aaron Rodgers, No. 15 pick (2023), No. 170 pick (2023).

The Packers will receive the No. 13 pick (2023), No. 42 pick (2023), No. 207 pick (2023), and a conditional second-round 2024 draft pick (Rogers played 65%). wins a first-round pick). 2023 jets play.

what’s next

The trade still needs to be finalized, the terms of Rodgers’ contract have to be resolved, and it will go to the NFL.

Both teams will start this deal as early as Thursday’s 2023 NFL Draft.

For the Packers, fourth-year QB Jordan Love is ready to take over. In Gang Green, it’s important to have a large number of new faces on the same page aggressively.

Read more from Aaron Rodgers on The Post

“It’s all about giving it your all for the season,” Rodgers said. “If it rubs some people the wrong way, so be it. But I want to be all-in and I want to be a full F-yes when it’s a yes … We will figure out everything else from now on.”

understood. I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

Follow The Post’s report that Aaron Rodgers was traded to the Jets

“He owes them exactly what he intends to give them.

Rogers felt comfortable in the spotlight. New York doesn’t scare him.

“Whenever he’s behind center, you know you have a chance,” Namus said. “When he has the ball, you have a chance. A good chance.”

A chance like the Jets haven’t had during their 12-year playoff drought.

“It gives us serious hope. …It gives us serious hope, knowing that there is someone out there who will take us there,” Namas said. I got

We guarantee.

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