Aaron Sorkin Says High Blood Pressure Caused Him to Have a Stroke Last Year: “A Loud Wake-up Call”

Aaron Sorkin has revealed he suffered a stroke last November while working on a Broadway revival. Camelot.

according to hollywood reporterSorkin opened up about his medical emergency in a recent interview new york times About the creation of a new stage musical.

of west wing The author initially wanted to keep his stroke a secret, but eventually changed his mind and said, “It would be helpful if even one person could quit smoking.”

Sorkin shared that his stroke occurred at night and was the result of high blood pressure. rice field.

At the time of reporting, the outlet writes that Sorkin is still unable to taste food. I was afraid

Sorkin called the stroke “a big wake-up call.”

He said, “I thought I was the kind of person who could eat as much as he wanted, smoke as much as he wanted and be unaffected. Boy, I was wrong. Now the Academy Award winner is I quit smoking, adjusted my diet, exercised regularly, and took “a lot of drugs.”

Original book by Alan Jay Lerner CamelotShare, “There were moments when I was afraid I would never be able to write again, and I was afraid that in the short term I would not be able to keep writing. Camelot

In the present, Sorkin says, “I’m fine.” “I don’t want anyone to think I can’t work,” he added.

During his career, Sorkin has won an Academy Award, five Emmy Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. His film debut as a screenwriter for his 1992 courtroom drama. few good people.

Sorkin turned comedy-drama showrunner sports night, starring Peter Krause and Felicity Huffman, was canceled after two seasons.Additionally, he wrote and directed Molly’s game, Chicago 7 ordeal and being Ricardo (Desider’s Anna Menta describes it as “Sorkin’ at his best.”)

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