ABC News correspondent victim of car ‘smash and grab’ in Oakland, feels ‘sad for the folks that do this’

California’s rising crime has claimed a new victim. This time it was ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Gee.

Gee, who frequently appears on “Good Morning America,” revealed in an Instagram post Wednesday that she was the victim of a “fight” and had several meaningful items stolen.

Nevertheless, she admitted that she was “sad” considering the circumstances of the robbery.

“Smash and grab was not on the bingo card…that’s for sure. I’m glad you’re safe and what you stole will be replaced…but I feel sad for the people who do this. .Regardless of what circumstances lead someone to make that choice, I hope you know that in the case of crime, you stole something that meant a lot to me as well. I am sure that everything you made for me to take with me, my passport, my glasses, etc., will be thrown in the trash and my skills will be sold,” she wrote.

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ABC News correspondent Ginger Gee posted about the crime on Instagram Wednesday. (Photo by: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

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Remaining her instagram posts It contained warnings and advice for her followers to avoid the same fate.

“What we learned, and what I would like to say, is that they were targeting rental cars, especially hatchbacks. It was covered and all we had to do was get food and use the restroom. It took over 20 minutes. The car was 20 minutes.” It was a beautiful, sunny day, around 2pm. The lesson is: No matter where you are, always bring everything indoors,” she wrote.

Gee is also ABC News’ chief climate correspondent. report She was “in Northern California on a big Earth Day assignment.”

Her fellow ABC correspondent responded in support of Ms Gee and shared her own experience of being robbed.

ABC correspondent Ginger Lee stands in front of a police car.

An ABC correspondent responded to Ginger Lee with a similar robbery story. (Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images/Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

ABC anchor Deborah Roberts said: “It’s so sad. I learned that hard lesson years ago when my car was parked right outside my hair salon, even though my items were in full view. It was miserable. It’s a heartbreaking feeling of violation. I feel sorry for this ginger. I really do.” terrible! ”

“Oh, no way. This happened to a friend of mine at CNN when he was reporting on this very issue. I’m glad he’s safe,” said senior national correspondent Steve Osunsami.

“I’m so sorry, Jin! The same thing happened when we went to lunch while filming in San Francisco,” Business and Economics Chief Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis added.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom in February ordered 120 police officers to be deployed to Oakland and the East Bay after officials said violent crime, robbery, and vehicle theft in the city increased by 21%, 38%, and 45% in 2023, respectively. announced plans to dispatch personnel.

Officer serving in Auckland

Gov. Gavin Newsom is sending more than 100 police officers to fight crime in Oakland and the East Bay. (Getty Images)

“While crime rates are decreasing across California, including across the bay in San Francisco, we are seeing the opposite trend in Oakland,” Newsom said in a statement. “What is happening in our beautiful city and surrounding area is alarming and unacceptable. I am sending the California Highway Patrol to do what the hard-working people of Oakland and the East Bay have demanded. We support local efforts to restore the sense of safety that we deserve.”