‘Abject Disaster:’ Twitter Tees Off on TikTok over Brutal Hearing

Thursday’s hearing of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce was a “disastrous disaster” for TikTok, which said one of the politician’s former writers and many other verified users said the lawmakers had to sell the Chinese-owned app. seems to have announced its support for the ban on Twitter seems to agree.

“This hearing is a disaster for TikTok,” Punchbowl News reporter and veteran Poltiico writer Andrew Desiderio responded, adding, “Several lawmakers announced their support for the TikTok ban during the hearing. I have,” he added.

“[In my opinion] This is done. At this time he thinks there’s no way TikTok isn’t banned,” tweeted Mike Solana, the vice president of the founders of his fund. “It is a bipartisan conviction that the Communist Party is spying on 150 million Americans. ”

“The full-fledged bipartisan unity is truly impressive. The fury in that room is virtually limitless,” agreed journalist Glenn Greenwald.

“It’s part of the generalized outrage against big tech. Many of its concerns are valid: addictive algorithms, data privacy, and harm to the mental health of minors in particular. But they’re all 1 “It’s aimed at two platforms and spiced up by bipartisan unity at the CCP. It seems likely that something will come out of this,” he added.

Several clips of TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew acknowledge that disturbing information about TikTok began circulating on social media during the hearing.

“Then we all agree. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) said that Rep. tweeted in response to a video making Chu admit that he might have an American.

In another example, Rep. Bob Latta (R-Ohio) asked Chew to answer “whether ByteDance employees in China, including engineers, currently have access to user data in the United States.”

“After Project Texas is complete, the answer is no. We still have some data that needs to be deleted today,” Chew said.

“I didn’t have time to watch the entire hearing, but from the clip I saw, it was an utter disaster for TikTok’s CEO,” Newsweek contributor Darvio Morrow said when Congressman Latta grilled TikTok. said in response to a video clip of the CEO.

“What a disaster. The TikTok CEO is terribly unprepared for this,” said Morrow. Said In a follow-up tweet, we react to another clip from the hearing.

In another video, TikTok’s CEO, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Florida), appears to be struggling to answer, repeatedly asking whether the app’s parent company, ByteDance, currently has access to US user data. I’m asking

Chu has also refused to admit four times that the Chinese Communist Party is currently persecuting Uyghurs in the country.

For many people, refusing to talk about the Uyghur genocide in China indicates that the individual is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

In one video, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-California) tells Chew that his claim that there is “no evidence that the Chinese government has access” to certain data is “absurd.”

In another video, Chu admitted that TikTok tracks users’ individual keystrokes and told Rep. He said he would “answer” whether he would keep it. .

In a separate revealing portion of the hearing, Chu actually said of alleged Chinese surveillance of Americans using TikTok, “I don’t think ‘espionage’ is the right word.”

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