Abortion-rights group launches ad in Michigan, Wisconsin warning about RFK Jr.

As health issues become the focus of the presidential election, abortion rights groups are attacking Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as an extreme man and unfit to serve on abortion rights.

The Reproductive Freedom Fund for Freedom for All ran ads Monday in the battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin, portraying the independent candidate as indecisive and a potential threat to a woman’s right to choose. I tried.

The ads, aimed at younger voters, will run in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Madison, Wisconsin, two cities in key battleground states where Kennedy is aiming to take on President Biden and former President Trump. Both cities are also home to major public universities.

“The president chose a vice president who may or may not support a national abortion ban and who won’t even protect IVF from MAGA attacks,” the ad says.

The spot also criticizes Kennedy’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan, who is ostensibly skeptical of IVF.

“Kennedy Jr. and Shanahan mean we will be less safe from dangerous abortion bans and more attacks on IVF. Kennedy Jr. and Shanahan will put your reproductive freedom at risk. Deaf,” the ad says.

President Kennedy is trying to appeal to a variety of voters, including people between the ages of 18 and 40, which the ad targets.

He recently became eligible to vote in Michigan, along with nearly a dozen other states. He is aiming to become a successful candidate by Wisconsin’s petition deadline in early August.

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