Adams Seeks to Suspend NYC ‘Right to Shelter’ Rule amid Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has pushed the city’s “right to refuge” provision as it struggles to provide housing and resources for more than 40,000 immigrants with limited federal aid. Seeking court approval to stop.

New York City’s “Right to Evacuation” rule is a decades-old regulation that requires the city to provide beds to individuals who meet certain circumstances.

Adams said, “The City of New York, working through the New York City Department of Homeless Services (“DHS”), has the resources and resources to establish and maintain adequate shelter, staffing, and security to provide safe and secure facilities. We are trying to waive this rule in the case of “insufficient competence”. Give them proper shelter,” said Jonathan Pines of the New York City Legal Department, who wrote the petition to New York City Court Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Deborah Kaplan.

Pines continuation:

The flood of asylum seekers that continues to flow into New York City from the southern border represents a crisis of national and even international dimensions. But the challenges and financial burden of this national crisis rest almost exclusively on the city.

These unprecedented demands on the city’s shelter resources face the city defendants with challenges that the Callahan signatories could never have imagined, could not foresee, or indeed could hardly have imagined. .

President Joe Biden’s administration has so far sent $40 million to New York City to address the immigration crisis, despite Adams’ requests for more than $650 million.

Adams Said Inside the statement:

Given that it is impossible to provide care for an unlimited number of people and we are already overstretched, it is imperative for the United States to be upfront about New York City’s inability to provide care on its own. is in the best interest of all, including those wishing to visit We provide care for all who cross our borders. Our system will only fall apart if we are unfaithful about this and we need our partners in government to know the truth and do their part.

more than 73,000 immigrants Arrived City officials say he has been in New York City since last spring. The city houses more than 44,000 migrants in more than 150 “emergency” shelters and hotels. new york post report.

Jack Jiha, director of the New York City Department of Management and Budget, said on Tuesday warned The city council announced that the city will soon be “taking care of more asylum seekers each night than the entire DHS shelter system last year.”

City officials estimate the city will pay $4.3 billion by June 2024 for these immigrants.

Last month, Adams bluntly said the city was “destroying” due to the immigration crisis.

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