AI tool helps couples write wedding vows as marriage expert warns, ‘Be cautious’ with technology

Artificial intelligence is a new topic as AI tools increasingly threaten to replace the “human” component in a variety of everyday tasks. Or they have already done so.

Artificial intelligence apps like ChatGPT are used by some to write or draft academic papers, answer medical questions, and receive advice on a wide range of topics.

Some engaged couples use this platform when writing their wedding vows.

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Fox News Digital attempted to use ChatGPT to write their wedding vows, typing “write your wedding vows” into the platform.

Within seconds, an eight-paragraph pledge was announced on stage.

Mr. Smalley is a Colorado Springs, Colorado-based marriage expert who offers the best advice on using technology to create your wedding vows. (focus on family)

Phrases such as “I promise to love and care for you unconditionally” and “I promise to hold your hand tight and be your anchor and shelter” are tools displayed on the website.

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Greg Smalley, marriage expert and vice president of marriage and family for Focus on the Family in Colorado, said in an interview with Fox News Digital that when it comes to making marriage vows, ChatGPT is the way to go. He said tools should be used with caution.

“Personal accountability may be lacking,” he said.

Marriage expert AI input

Greg Smalley, a marriage expert at Focus on the Family in Colorado, says that AI can be fine with capturing your wedding vows, but it can be tricky to copy them verbatim. said it was necessary. (St. Petersburg)

If you need help with the “big part” of taking marriage vows, [AI] As a good guide,” he added.

A resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado, said that while some people are gifted with writing beautiful words in the form of wedding vows, others are not.

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But this is not a bad thing, he said, and using AI as a tool rather than a complete solution to writing pledges is the best way to deal with the situation.

Marriage expert AI input

Writing marriage vows is important, Smalley said, and should be carefully considered and come from the heart. (St. Petersburg)

Smalley’s biggest piece of advice for those using marriage vows created via AI and the internet is to understand what they agree with the most.

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“I think there is definitely a meaning to a wedding.” [contained in] That oath,” he said.

“There may be a lack of personal responsibility.”

Smalley said you need to think through your vows and spend time digesting and understanding what the words mean.

marriage expert

Smalley and his wife Erin have been married for nearly 31 years. (focus on family)

“What is the important thing I want to tell you?” [new] Husband, wife, what about our life together? ‘ he continued.

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Smalley said it’s perfectly fine to populate your wedding vows with funny moments, but it’s also important to remember the essence of the words.

Smalley, who has been married to his wife Erin for nearly 31 years, said the secret to a successful marriage is actually multi-layered.

AI wedding vows

Marriage experts discuss the importance of marriage vows and why you should be cautious when creating them with AI. (Focus on family/iStock)

“The key to a successful marriage is to continue to grow as individuals, mend conflicts when they arise, and find ways to connect every day as a couple,” he said.


Focus on the Family is a Christian ministry focused on ensuring families and couples can thrive in their environment.

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