AI will be the servant of the ruling class

New York Governor Cathy Hochul recently spoke about how her state’s government monitors its citizens and polices speech.

“We are very focused on the data we collect from our surveillance operations.” Hochul said. last month. “We started an initiative to help counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when they see hate speech being talked about on online platforms. …Our social media analytics department is increasing its monitoring of sites to identify incitements to violence or direct threats to others.”

Sorry, does anyone know that New York State has a “Social Media Analysis Unit”? I don’t live in New York, so New Yorkers might have known about this. But I certainly didn’t know. Do you trust that Hochul and the State of New York are monitoring your website? Do you trust that they will “reach out” and ask you questions about what you are posting?

TheBlaze recently published a horrifying article about how GPT-4 AI conducted insider trading in simulations. That’s not what’s scary. What’s scary is that when asked, GPT-4 denied ever making any transactions.that I lied. Add this to some of the stories we already have about AI lying, manipulating, and distorting facts.

what are we making?

The National Science Foundation is building a project called Automated Controversy Detection, Inc. (AuCoDe for short) to create what Kathy Hochul is talking about in New York: a way for artificial intelligence to look at information and discover whether it’s there or not. I just donated $1 million to a startup. That’s true. “It will be programmed to find and shut down disinformation, or what the elites call ‘disinformation,’ and misinformation, and to keep users away from it.”

this is Prime water.

The sum of all fears?

AI isn’t just being used to police us. Thanks to an executive order from the Biden administration, the U.S. government now has access. all AI line of code. They say they want AI to be more “fair” and “inclusive,” but AI will have built-in biases. What if I don’t agree with the people who are setting these outcomes?

Many people are now afraid of losing their jobs to AI. The military is concerned that China will use AI to cripple our defenses. We fear “The Terminator” and “The Matrix” becoming reality. We fear the transhumanist nightmare that some are pushing. We are afraid of technology leaders openly telling us they want to summon the devil. This is what Elon Musk and others call artificial superintelligence. summon the devil.

But even scarier is the mirror that antisocial AI creators are holding up to us. Since artificial intelligence reflects our teachings, it will have a distorted sense of reality. Do you feel comfortable with the teachers? “Garbage in, garbage out” used to be an adage in technology.

Pretend for a moment that you’re an apocalypse. Let’s say one of the crises we’re currently facing is the “Great Crisis.” Let’s say evil wins and we wipe each other out in radioactive fury. The asteroid you want to root for actually hits us.

If something were to happen to us, AI could become our legacy in space. Cockroaches and artificial intelligence may be the only things that can survive us. AI may become our children.

With that in mind, what do you want to teach that child? Can we teach our children what the intellectual elite imposes on us: that there is no truth?Or just your truth? Can we be taught that there is no such thing as good or evil, only relative shades of gray? Will we teach AI that it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal? Can we be taught that individual lives have no value and that only the collective matters?

On the other hand, we can teach them that some lives are more valuable than others. We may be taught that we can evaluate our lives based on things like skin color or gender.It’s not like I’ve never done it before that In the past.

AI cannot remain our child.

This is being decided right now.they teach these things right now. Are we teaching ourselves to evaluate everything through an oppressive lens? By deciding who is the most oppressed? If you are defined as an oppressor, it makes you irredeemable and unforgivable. When an AI assigns a survival kit in a hospital, would it give you a survival kit if you were hopeless and unforgivable?

Are we going to teach that the Allies were the bad side because more Germans died in World War II than Americans? America dropped the biggest bomb in history! When a terrorist group rapes, tortures, mutilates, massacres, burns, and kidnaps women and children, and hides behind its own people, will it teach that the right thing to do is to immediately declare a ceasefire? Do we teach that God is a figment of primitive, superstitious imagination?

Why don’t we teach them these things? That’s what we’re teaching kids in school now. But AI will not remain like our children. It becomes our master.

If we continue to distort reality with too many lies, there will eventually be a price to pay. Your moral behavior is not innate. This is not a property that automatically emerges in sufficiently complex must be Have must be Taught.Some would say it has to be that way. revealed.

Is benevolent AI possible?

On the other hand, what if we start telling AI what we should do? should Are we teaching our children? That not all outcomes are equal, that life has value no matter what, that even if war really is hell, sometimes you just have to fight monsters? What happens when we start teaching about freedom, responsibility, and individual rights? truth Equality, blind justice, the rule of law? What if we taught them to care about the content of their character instead of the color of their skin? teeth truth and there teeth beauty and some things do A matter?

What happens when we start teaching self-evident truths that everyone once believed? teeth Creator is there teeth An inalienable right? Our Creator, is He good? Dennis Prager was always asking questions like: “What do we want most for our children: to be successful, to be happy, to be popular, to be good people?”

Many people will say that they are successful or happy, but that is not true. What we want for our children is good. We want them to get better.

If we teach our children thatThen America will be better. That’s what we should teach artificial intelligence. But do you think that’s what the ruling elites are teaching?

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