Air Force Marks Pride Month with Graphic of Airman Saluting Rainbow Colors

The Air Force celebrated Pride Month by posting a graphic of Airmen saluting in rainbow colors on all official social media accounts.

The caption that accompanied the image read: “June is #PrideMonth! The Air Force proudly recognizes and celebrates generations of LGBTQI+ military personnel and their contributions to #AirForce and #SpaceForce.”

The post was posted after the Department of Defense hosted a Pride Month event earlier in the day.

At a Pentagon event, defense and military leaders, including those from the Space Force, argued against Florida laws that prohibit teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with students in kindergarten through third grade, She denounced “anti-LGBTQ” legislation, such as laws banning discussion of children’s sexual orientation and gender identity. Attend a drag queen show.

Space Command Lt. Gen. Deanna Bart denounced the legislation, stating:

Transformational culture change requires top leadership, but there is no time to wait. Since January of this year, more than 400 anti-LGBTQ+ laws have been introduced at the state level. Their numbers are on the rise, pointing to a potential hazard to military personnel, their families, and the readiness of the force as a whole.

So far, the only military agency to post on social media about Pride Month is the Navy, which posted a graphic with rainbow colors streaming from ships and aircraft.

Rep. Matt Gates (R, Florida) asked Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley why military bases were to host at least one drag show. was later canceled. The event was being hosted after both men testified that they did not support the event being held at a military base in March.

WATCH: “Who funded these things?” — Pentagon Secretary Gates Grylls on Drag Queen Story Hour and shows on military bases (relevant part starts @ 1:44)


However, one Pentagon official, who expressed support for drag queen shows at Pentagon Pride events, said: It’s entertainment. If you’re a fan, tip your local drag queen. Don’t go if you’re not a fan. But don’t take away from us the chance to enjoy something that is part of LGBTQ culture and is actually part of American culture at this point. ”

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