Airbnb features a nearly $200 listing — for a tent in a backyard

When you imagine booking a camping trip on Airbnb, you may have visions of glamping under the stars in a luxury bell tent.

Who knows, maybe a rustic hot tub is waiting for you. Then, cozy up by the crackling fireplace with a marshmallow stick in hand.

But as you scroll through property listings, eager to make this dream a reality, you come across Airbnb and suddenly come back to reality.

Entitled “Large tents near the beach,” this listing promises an experience far from the fantasies of luxury glamping.

A camping trip in someone’s backyard

Here you are invited to pitch an old tent in someone’s backyard, surrounded by half-dead grass and a rusted hillshoist.

Regarding bedding, you will sleep on a single mattress on the floor. For alfresco dining, a six-seat dining table sits next to a movable clothesline.

Tents in Seaton, South Australia. airbnb

Yes, that’s right.

A holiday home under the stars can actually be made DIY in someone’s garden, and the only saving grace is the beach. That is, if you look over the fence.

Is the tent really that big?

When someone shared this listing in Seaton, South Australia on Reddit, the internet went nuts.

This property includes access to a “shared bathroom” within the home. airbnb

“Isn’t this legal?” someone asked.

Another eloquently stated, “They say disgusting things.”

The author also shared how much it costs to book a tent, with prices starting at AUD 295 (approximately USD 193) for a one-week stay in February.

“The price is horrible,” one user wrote, while another wrote, “$295 for a tent?!”

Another person agreed: “It’s very expensive considering its intended use.” “To be honest, we’re facing a massive housing crisis and we can’t even make ends meet. This is disgusting.”

“Equivalent to a caravan park”

But others argued that the price was justified.

“Okay, but it’s a week, not a night…” someone pointed out. “It’s the equivalent of a caravan park, except you don’t have to pitch your own tent.”

And another person emphasized, “Yeah, it’s cheaper than a campsite.”

The host, William, calls himself a businessman and entrepreneur. airbnb

“Personally I don’t want to stay there, but what’s the difference between this and actual camping? Some people might prefer this,” said another.

But someone said, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s not in the woods by a lake or in the bushes with lookouts and hiking trails, but in some random backyard. It’s the essence of camping.”

“For that price, you might be better off renting a unit,” said another.

Airbnb host William described himself as a “businessman” and “entrepreneur” who has been “in business all his life” and “strives for perfection.”

The tent is located in the backyard of an Australian house. airbnb

The listing has since been removed, but it is unclear whether this was done by William or Airbnb.

Camping is one of Airbnb’s 50 categories, so listings are technically allowed.

The camping category can help you find “everything from lotus tents in the south of France to yurts on the northern California coast,” according to the website.

It adds: “Browse through our range of holiday camp rentals and choose your favorite spot under the stars.”



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