Airdrop season? Protocols offer $700M in token airdrops over a week – Cointelegraph

Ethereum scaling solution AltLayer is the first of at least three protocols to go live with over $100 million in token airdrops over the next week.

The AltLayer (ALT) token and claim process was launched on January 25th at 9am UTC. With 300 million tokens allocated in the first airdrop and an average daily price of $0.32, the total airdrop amount is currently around $96 million. Current price.

However, Celestia stakers looking to get their hands on the ALT Airdrop will have to wait a little longer as it uses AltLayer. claim “Technical differences in the application mechanism” delayed the airdrop to Celestia.

AltLayer's airdrop comes amid several projects expected to drop their respective tokens to eligible applicants as early as next week.

Multi-layer rollup deployer Dymension plans to launch its mainnet in the coming days and will airdrop 70 million DYM tokens, with distribution to not only Celestia stakers and Pudgy Penguin non-fungible token holders. , also focuses on Solana and Ethereum ecosystem participants.

Dimension billing period closed This means that holders who did not apply for the airdrop missed out.

According to the pre-market permanent preservation version, traded On decentralized exchange Aevo, the DYM airdrop is believed to be worth a total of approximately $210 million to recipients at current prices.

DYM is currently trading at around $0.31 in pre-market trading.Source: Aebo

Meanwhile, Solana-based decentralized exchange Jupiter has confirmed that it will launch its JUP token on January 31st.

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A total of 1 billion tokens were distributed in the airdrop, and the current JUP perpetual token is trading at around $0.41 in the pre-market, making the value of the airdrop around $410 million at current prices.

Bitcoin Ordinals users may also be eligible for potential airdrops, with pseudonymous Ordinals developer Leonidas announcing that he is a decentralized “fairdrop” initiative aimed at rewarding early users of the Ordinals protocol. We announced the launch of “Runestone''.

Cryptocurrency users looking for airdrops on X (formerly Twitter) should continue to exercise extreme caution. Because the X platform is currently flooded with fraudulent accounts masquerading as official social media pages of crypto companies that recently announced airdrops. These pages upload nearly identical posts masquerading as “airdrop billing” websites (usually wallet drains).

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