Al Gore Wants to Ban Social Media Algorithms, Labels Them ‘Digital Equivalent’ of AR-15

Former Vice President Al Gore, who has called for a ban on social media algorithms, bizarrely compared it to the AR-15, calling it a “digital version” of the firearms that the left hates.

“What if we had social media driven by algorithms that dragged people down rabbit holes like pitcher plants,” Gore said at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28). “These algorithms are the digital version of the AR-15 and should be banned. They really should be banned.”

See below:

“This is an abuse of public office,” the former vice president continued. “But at times like this, when people get dragged down the rabbit hole, you see what's at the bottom of the rabbit hole. That's the echo chamber.”

“And if we spend too much time in echo chambers, what becomes weaponized is not artificial intelligence or artificial insanity, but another form of AI,” he added.

The audience then started laughing, to which Mr. Gore responded by insisting, “I'm serious!” I'm serious! “

“QAnon is just the most well-known version of man-made insanity,” Gore said. “These devices are enemies of self-government and enemies of democracy. We need reforms of both democracy and capitalism.”

Social media influencer DC Draino responded to Gore's comments on “I'm doing it,” he wrote. For the globalist elite, free speech is a dangerous weapon that must be taken away. ”

“They want you to listen to their propaganda and follow accordingly,” he added. “The good news is you can hear the fear in his voice. They know we are waking up.”

Justice Jeanine Pirro said: “It was conservatives who were silenced online throughout the pandemic, yet Al Gore said social media algorithms were “a digital version of an AR-15.'' That's strange,” he responded. “And, @AlGore, in case you didn't know, AR-15s are also protected by the Second Amendment, genius…”

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