Al Jazeera Anchor Chokes Up As He Announces Colleague’s Family’s Death In Gaza

The host who announced the news was seen choking on live television.

New Delhi:

A tragic story is emerging in the Gaza Strip, where civilians are being killed every day as collateral damage to the all-out war between rulers Hamas and Israel. Yesterday, the family of an Al Jazeera journalist was killed in an Israeli airstrike. The presenter, who announced the news on the Qatar-based network, was seen choking on live television.

The wife and two children of Wael al-Dahadou, a Gaza correspondent for an Arabic channel, were killed in an attack on the Nuseyrat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

“We are reporting this breaking news on the Al Jazeera network. A number of family members of our colleague Wael Al Dadou were killed, including his wife, son and daughter,” the anchor said.

“We were reporting on the bombing that targeted the area where many families were martyred,” the anchor said, fighting back tears.

Images and videos on social media showed al-Dahadou mourning the bodies of his wife and child at a hospital in Deir el-Bala, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The journalist’s family had been staying in temporary housing after being evacuated from Gaza City following Israel’s warning to residents to move south as Israeli forces step up attacks targeting Hamas.

“This is the safe zone that the occupation (Israeli) forces were talking about,” al-Dahdou told Al Jazeera.

“His wife, son and daughter were tragically killed in an indiscriminate attack by Israeli occupation forces, and the rest of his family is buried under the rubble,” Al Jazeera said in a statement earlier.

Israel has been raiding the narrow Palestinian territory in response to a major cross-border attack by Hamas operatives on October 7, which Israeli authorities say has killed more than 1,400 people.

Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 6,500 people in the Gaza Strip, an increase of more than 700 from Tuesday, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry.

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