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Al Robertson Says it’s Incredible How God Has Used ‘The Blind’ to Save Marriages and Rescue Souls

Phil and Kay Robertson's son says he will make a new movie about the famous Robertson duck dynasty The couple admitted to their families that making the film was “so worth it,” leading to reports that their marriages were saved and their souls saved.

BLIND (PG-13), now available on home video, tells the story of Phil and Kay, who fall in love but quickly break up due to alcoholism and fits of anger. They reconciled after he became a Christian.

The film was a huge hit at the box office, debuting at number 5 and staying in the top 10 for four weeks.

Starring Al Robertson duck dynasty And while the character is portrayed in the film, he says he has received multiple reports that the film is having an impact on viewers. The character Al plays in this movie is the eldest son of Phil and Kay.

“It's unbelievable,” Robertson told Christian Headlines, referring to the film's influence. “…There are stories of people who literally had a conversion moment in the theater, where they just said, 'I need to accept Christ.'”

Others told him about “literally saving a marriage that was in the middle of a divorce and was about to end.”

“One of my favorite stories is about a woman whose husband has been an alcoholic for a long time and literally wakes up in the morning and starts drinking.”

The woman encouraged her husband, who was a fan. duck dynastyTo watch a movie.

“She said that about half way through the movie, she kept watching him cry. Then, during the movie, he finally reached out and grabbed her hand, and she… I said, “He hasn't touched me in probably two years.'' And after the movie was over, he said, “I think we need to talk about some of my issues.''

Meanwhile, the young couple said they were planning to quit their drinking and partying ways.

These types of stories “make it worth doing and putting yourself out there in a positive way,” he said.

Mr Robertson said the film had an “evangelistic thrust” and was aimed at attracting fans of the TV series and hunting fans.

“And the idea was that this could be an opportunity for people to see the gospel in a different way,” he said. “Maybe they don't go to church with you. Maybe they don't go to your small group or home church. But they go to the theater and watch movies. You might see it.”

Al Robertson was nine years old when his drunken father kicked his family out of the house. That moment is depicted in the movie.

“They really nailed the scene for the key moment where he kicks us out,” Robertson told Christian Headline. “It was raining and we were in our pajamas and we were scared and my mom was crying. And it was just this big emotional moment.

“The scene that had a greater impact on me, and I have seen it several times, was the scene of grace, especially the scene where the church is opened for us. [and] All the people who were there to provide a way for mom and dad. Now it was these events that brought me to tears. Because through all our hardships, we have learned that God has people there ready to help us when we need help. ”

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