Alabama’s Mohamed Wague gets away with vicious elbow on Florida player

A foul was called in an unexpected direction in the first half during a tense scene between two SEC rivals Wednesday night.

When the University of Alabama hosted and ultimately defeated the University of Florida 98-93, Crimson Tide forward Mohamed Wagu appeared to hit a Gators player with a hard elbow, but was called for a foul. Not only was there not, it was the opponent who blew the whistle.

The play started with Alabama’s Jalin Stephenson draining a 3-pointer from the corner that ended up hitting the rim.

Weig grabbed an offensive rebound under the basket but was stripped of the ball, but Stephenson slipped in and picked up the ball.

Alabama forward Mohamed Diubateh shoots in goal for Florida.
Alex Condon (21) and forward Thomas Ho (10)
Crimson Tide win. AP

But as Stevenson went to the ball, Florida’s Alex Condon also dropped to the floor to secure the ball.

As things continued to unfold, Weig joined the line and hit Condon in the back of the head with his right elbow on his way to the paint.

Wagg, a junior at Bronx College, was not called for a foul, but Condron was called for a foul, which likely offended University of Florida coach Todd Golden. He seemed to have doubts about the call in that situation..

Alabama forward Mohamed Wag, 11, smiles as he dunks on Mississippi State guard Shakeel Moore, 3, at Coleman Coliseum.
Alabama forward Mohamed Wagu was not called for a foul for an apparent elbow strike. USA TODAY Sports (via Reuters Con)

According to the Gainesville SunGolden didn’t directly address officiating in his postgame press conference, but he hinted that things weren’t going the Gators’ way.

Golden said after the game, “There was a 50-50 chance that things didn’t go my way.” “However, in a close game like this, there will be some situations where you have to be strong and overcome.”

Wagg, a 2019 PSAL Class A city champion at Frederick Douglass Academy, played just three minutes and grabbed one rebound in Alabama’s victory.

Condon scored 10 points on 4-of-10 shooting from the field and also added four rebounds and three assists.



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