Alaskan bear cubs found more than 3,600 miles away from home on a Florida road

Okaloosa County, Florida – Two Kodiak bear cubs, which are native to southern Alaska, were spotted wandering a rural road in Florida, captured on an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s body camera.

Local residents reported the sighting to authorities on December 5, saying it was a sight they had never seen before.

Their size and color indicated they were not dealing with a species endemic to Florida, but many questions remained as to where the two came from.

The two appeared to be in good health and even attempted to get into a dispatched police car.

An investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirms residents’ original theory that the bear is not from Florida. They were actually Kodiak pups that live in southern Alaska.

A Kodiak bear cub, native to Alaska, was found wandering a rural highway in Florida. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

The bears were taken to a secure facility and information about the incident was kept secret to protect the sanctity of the investigation.

This happened on the last day of January. According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office The circumstances led to the bears traveling more than 3,600 miles.

Investigators said the bears had escaped from a nearby enclosure and were found to be contained by local residents.

The cub appeared to be in good health and even tried to climb into the police car. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

FWC said the resident is now facing a list of violations, but did not release the identity of the suspect.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game told the sheriff’s office that only about 3,500 Kodiak bears remain and are a subspecies of the better-known brown and grizzly bears.

It remains unclear how someone was able to transport the bear to Florida and when it will be returned to the Last Frontier.

The bear was protected by local residents. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

There are only about 3,500 Kodiak bears left, and they can grow more than 10 feet tall on their hind legs, according to the state Department of Fish and Game.

There are no additional reports of Kodiak bears roaming the Florida wilderness.



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