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Alec Baldwin gives thumbs-up after Halyna Hutchins’ family ‘Rust’ lawsuit

Alex Baldwin gave the paparazzi a thumbs up in Manhattan on Thursday — announcing he would sue the disgraced actor just hours after the family of the “Rust” cinematographer accidentally shot him dead on set.

The 64-year-old star, who had large bags under his eyes, was out shopping in SoHo on Thursday morning, shortly after Halina Hutchins’ sister and parents hit him with a bombshell civil suit. I gave it the “okay” symbol.

Wearing a puffy winter coat and slicked back hair, the celeb looks downcast as he pauses for lunch at a Mexican food truck after stopping at the upscale VRAI jewelry store. was also seen.

Hutchins’ family, including his sister Svetlana Zemko, have filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against the star for allegedly assaulting and intentionally inflicting emotional distress on Baldwin, their attorney Gloria Allred said Thursday. said at a press conference.

Baldwin already settled a private civil lawsuit in October with some of the Hutchins family, including widow Matthew.

The “Rust” actor settled a separate lawsuit with some of the Hutchins’ families in October.

Facebook photo of Halina Hutches with her husband

The Hutchins family filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against Baldwin.


Facebook photo of Halina Hutches with her husband

Halina Hutchins’ family has sued Baldin for her fatal shooting.


He was charged last month with involuntary manslaughter for the on-set shooting that killed Hutchins and injured Joel Souza, the director of the Western film, in Santa Fe, New Mexico in October 2021.

Baldwin told police he didn’t make sure the gun was unloaded.

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