Alistair Begg Addresses His ‘Transgender Wedding’ Critics during Sunday Evening Sermon

The Reverend Alistair Begg on Sunday defended his highly controversial advice to grandmothers about attending LGBT weddings, saying his comments were not intended as blanket advice for all Christians. , said it was rather aimed at helping grandmothers find a balance between condemning and affirming their grandchildren.

“My response to a grandmother I’ve never met is by no means a blanket recommendation for all Christians to attend LGBTQ weddings,” said the senior pastor of Parkside Church near Cleveland, Ohio. said Begg, who is also a well-known supporter. I used to listen to his radio show every day. truth for life.

Begg addressed the controversy during his speech. sunday evening sermon as he preached Luke chapter 15 We then discussed the Parable of the Lost Sheep, the Parable of the Lost Coin, and the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Earlier this month, a debate erupted on social media over comments Beg made in a September interview in which she advised a grandmother to attend the wedding of her grandson who was in a transgender relationship. Begg said her grandson knew her grandmother was a Christian who opposed homosexuality. Ms. Begg advised her grandmother to accept her gift, noting that she was worried about losing her relationship with her grandson.

“In that conversation with my grandmother, I was more concerned about their relationship than anything else. That’s my advice,” Begg said. “Don’t ever misunderstand that. If I were asked a different question by a different person about a different situation, I might give a completely different answer. But in that case, I would answer it that way. And I wouldn’t answer it any other way, no matter what anyone says on the internet over the past 10 days.”

Beg pointed out that in the parable of the prodigal son, the eldest son rejected the grace and forgiveness shown to the second son. Begg said her natural inclination towards LGBT issues is similar to that of his eldest son.

“I’ve lived here for 40 years,” said Begg, who was born in Scotland. [that] I’m a little out of touch with the American evangelical world. [That’s] The reason is that I am a product of British evangelicalism, represented by John Stott, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Eric Alexander, Sinclair Ferguson and Derek Prime. I am a product of that. I was never a product of American fundamentalism. I come from a world where people can actually understand the fact that there are nuances to things. It’s not all clear whether once you put one foot out of this box you have to be left out of it forever. ”

Begg recently preached: Romans 1 He said he affirmed the Bible’s teaching that homosexuality is sinful. The challenge, he said, is “how do we express the love of Jesus and express it in a way that doesn’t just compromise everything.”

“How do you honor God, obey God’s Word, and treat your neighbors, friends, and family members who decide to go down the wrong path? Some people have decided how to respond by warning. You keep standing up and saying, “This is terrible.” This is terrible. This is terrible. ‘Some people decide, “Well, I won’t say anything.” Please leave me alone. who cares? As you know, the world is big. People do different things. ” Neither [position] For Bible-believing Christians, it is possible. We must treat those who view us with hatred with respect.

“Now understand that this grandchild was an enemy of the gospel and was actually an enemy and an enemy within the family circle because of her lifestyle. You should love me.” Now, opinions may differ as to whether I have good advice for that grandma. Not everyone on the pastoral team thinks I gave very good advice. And, as I said, on a different occasion, in a different situation, with a different person, the advice could be completely different.

“But let’s at least acknowledge the fact that what we’re doing is wrestling with biblical principles.”

So Beg asked, “What would you do if your grandmother’s gift was a Bible?”

Alistair Begg sparks controversy by encouraging grandmother to attend transgender wedding
American Family Radio deletes Alistair Begg’s comments about LGBTQ weddings

“The problem is, showing up to sit in the front row in a situation that Grandma would never want, wrapped neatly in beautiful paper, wrapped in ribbon, sitting on her lap is a gift from her, a gift.” I want to give a Bible to my granddaughter, but maybe she isn’t interested in the Bible? But she is ready to trust the Holy Spirit to do the work because she believes that the coming in of God’s Word brings light.

“In my experience, what happens to homosexuals is either condemned or affirmed. Christians have to say, ‘We won’t treat you either way.’ yeah. We cannot condemn you, but we cannot affirm you. And the reason we cannot condemn you is the same reason we cannot affirm you – because of the Bible, because of the love of God, because of the grace of God, because of the goodness of God. ”

Begg said that not too long ago, he gave a sermon about homosexuality and a lesbian woman got up and walked out, offending her.

If you’re going to make a mistake, Begg said, you’ll do it from a place of compassion.

“Instead of being a critic, I am going to be a sympathizer of those who actually criticize me based on my weaknesses, so that we can understand what we believe about the Bible. It closes the door to future engagement with people who know exactly who Jesus is.”

Meanwhile, Begg said one of her goals is to protect herself from Pharisaism in her life. The Pharisees, he says, “had nothing to say to sinners.”

“Pharisaism lives on in our hearts,” he said. “We have to prevent it. There is absolutely no question of the motives for purity and holiness of life and vigilance and so on. It happens when you are faced with a problem that is not. Difference between Jesus and the Pharisees — Quote [John] Stott was, in a word, “grace,” God’s initiative to forsake and save lost sinners. ”

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Michael Faust has covered the intersection of faith and news for 20 years. His story was published in Baptist Press. Christianity Today, Christian Poecent, of leaf chronicle, of toronto star and of knoxville news sentinel.

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