Alleged Stabber Evades Criminal Case After High-Profile Victim Refuses To Snitch: REPORT

Brandon Henrysnell, the man allegedly responsible for stabbing famous rapper Blueface, has evaded a criminal case because the star refuses to provide more information, TMZ reports.

Blueface refused to answer questions posed by the responding officer after he was stabbed at a Los Angeles-area boxing gym Aug. 23, TMZ reported Tuesday. The rapper has since continued abide by the street code, according to the outlet, and refuses to become a snitch. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office ultimately rejected the case due to a current lack of evidence.

The incident was caught on video, but the footage isn’t enough to clearly show everything necessary to bring forth a criminal case against Henrysnell, according to TMZ.

Henrysenll turned himself in Aug. 24. Police charged him with felony assault with a deadly weapon, but nothing can come of the case without more solid evidence, the outlet reported. (RELATED: ‘There’s Booty Cheeks Out Here’: Famous Rapper Blueface Asks 6 Year-Old If He’s Gay After The Boy Ignores Strippers)

Blueface has reportedly been adamant about not cooperating with police since the day of the incident. He rejected medical assistance when medics arrived on-scene and took to social media instead, according to TMZ, assuring fans he was ok despite posting images of his bloody wound. Blueface also refused to produce his ID for police when they arrived at the gym, according to TMZ.

The 911 call was publicly released, revealing the seeming urgency of the situation that unfolded at the boxing gym. Until or unless Blueface decides to speak on the matter, the court cannot pursue the case further, TMZ reported.

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