Allie Beth Stuckey slams Ted Cruz for calling IVF treatment a ‘right’

Republicans have introduced new legislation that would declare IVF a right, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) leading the charge along with Sen. Katie Britt (R-Ala.).

“We came together and said let’s write a simple, straightforward federal bill that would create a federal right to have access to IVF as a parent,” Cruz said.

“If you want to have a child and you need medical help to do so, it should be your right,” he concluded.

“The right to in vitro fertilization” Allie Beth Stuckey Obviously imitating opposing views.

Andrew T. Walker, an associate professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, was also very disappointed.

“I was really disappointed to see this bill introduced by two senators,” Walker told Stuckey, “which obviously comes in the aftermath of the Alabama Supreme Court ruling earlier this year, but sadly, I think they’re moving in a direction that further supports a practice where most Americans are grossly misinformed about what IVF is.”

“This is an affront to human dignity, carried out in support of so-called human dignity,” he added.

Stuckey strongly agrees.

“Certainly, we would say, as technology takes us from the natural to the possible, Christians have a responsibility to ask, ‘But is this moral?’ And more importantly, ‘Is this biblical?'” Stuckey said.

“Catholic teaching challenges the separation or decoupling of reproduction from sexuality, and I think that’s good and I think that’s fair, because when you make that separation, all kinds of ethical questions arise from it,” she added.

Not only is this process unnatural, it is also inconsistent with the beliefs of pro-life people.

“If life begins at conception, then what happens to the embryos matters. IVF is often a eugenic process of selecting the best embryos and discarding the rest,” Stuckey explained, adding, “If life begins at conception, then how can we have a right to IVF when inherent in it is the mistreatment of these tiny humans made in God’s image?”

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