Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold extended: report

Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold has reportedly been extended for at least another week.

The actress, who was placed on hold last Sunday at 5150 after walking naked through the streets of Los Angeles, is “seriously focused on recovering” as she is still hospitalized. According to TMZ.

A source told the outlet that Bynes, 36, hasn’t spoken to anyone close to her, and it’s unclear if she remembers the days she spent wandering LA.

A lawyer for Bynes did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

‘She’s The Man’ star, previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder, likely lived ‘on the street for days’ before suffering mental break and calling police, says TMZ reported earlier this week.

Amanda Bynes poses for a selfie
Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold has reportedly been extended.
Amanda Bynes/Instagram

A source close to Bynes told the outlet that her car was towed in Long Beach, Calif., on March 15, four days before it was found.

The vehicle was located 40 miles from her home and 15 miles from where it was found in downtown Los Angeles, and outlet sources believe she was either hitchhiking or taking public transportation.

After heading to Hollywood, Bynes was spotted in a fan’s TikTok video filmed on March 17.

“Amanda, say ‘What’s wrong?'” social media user @kaitlynhotfox said to the camera before Bynes replied, “What’s wrong?”

Amanda Bynes poses for a selfie
The bemused former child star was spotted after wandering the streets of Los Angeles.
Amanda Bynes/Instagram

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The young influencer said he felt compelled to meet and greet the actress on St. Patrick’s Day.

In the video’s caption, she revealed that Bynes was unwell at the time of their interaction.

“happy girlfriend [sic] get the help she needs. She was kind, gave me her money and talked to me.someday everyone [sic] just SB [sic] speak,” she wrote.

Amanda Bynes appears in fan video before being placed on psychiatric hold
Fans who encountered Bynes shared the footage via TikTok.
Caitlin Hotfox/TikTok
Amanda Bynes appears in fan video before being placed on psychiatric hold
“Amanda, say ‘What’s wrong?’,” a fan said in the clip.
Caitlin Hotfox/TikTok

The initial 5150 hold lasts only 72 hours, but Bynes’ stay may be extended until he fully recovers.

Meanwhile, Vine’s ex-fiancée, Paul Michael, claimed to us that he was “off drugs” before his psychotic episode.

The former couple was spotted together in December 2022. But Bynes said she announced her engagement in July 2022 after accusing her of “not taking drugs,” relapsed with “crack cocaine,” and watching “mom and son porn.” finished.

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