Amazon to lay off 9,000 more workers — in addition to 18,000 announced in previous cuts

Amazon announced it was planning it on Monday Eliminate another 9,000 jobs In addition to the 18,000 job cuts announced in January, the coming weeks are the first and most significant layoffs in the company’s history.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy blog This week we talked about the second phase of the company’s business plan, including news of layoffs. He said most of the cuts will affect teams working at his Twitch for Amazon Web Services, People Experience and Technology Solutions, Advertising and Streaming his service.

“This was a difficult decision, but we believe it is in the best interest of the company in the long term,” Jassy wrote.

He explained that “an uncertain economy” and “the uncertainty that exists in the near future” led to the downsizing decision.

The company plans to devote more resources to “major long-term customer experiences.” As a result, Amazon will continue to implement “limited hiring” in these strategic areas.

“This initially resulted in the elimination of 18,000 positions (which we shared in January) and, as we completed the second phase of our plan this month, has led to the elimination of another 9,000 roles (although Some businesses in strategic areas that prioritize allocating more resources see limited hiring),” Jassy said. he said.

As to why Amazon didn’t announce its latest role cuts in January, Jassy explained that “not all teams have finished their analysis” and instead “committed to sharing the decisions we made.” I did,’ he explained. People got the information as soon as possible. “

The teams affected by the latest layoffs “have yet to make final decisions to determine exactly which roles will be affected,” he noted.

Jassy said he expects a final decision by mid-to-late April.

The 18,000 layoffs announced earlier this year affect workers. Retail, Devices, Recruitment, Human Resources The division begins in November and extends through January.

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy announced The Amazon-owned company plans to cut more than 400 jobs Monday.

“Like many companies, our business has been impacted by the current macroeconomic environment and user and revenue growth has not kept up with our expectations,” said Clancy. “We have made the very difficult decision to reduce the size of our workforce in order to sustainably operate our business.”

Employees affected by layoffs will receive a separation package from Amazon that includes payments, temporary health insurance benefits, and employment assistance.

According to tracker layoff.fyithe tech industry has cut more than 140,000 positions so far this year.

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