American Airlines pilots union warns of ‘significant spike’ in safety problems 

Over the weekend, the union representing American Airlines pilots warned of a “significant upsurge” in safety problems at the airline.

“APA is tracking a significant spike in safety and maintenance-related issues in our operations,” the Allied Pilots Association (APA) Safety Committee said. I wrote it in my notes Date of April 13th. “United Airlines is currently under public and government scrutiny, but it could very well become American Airlines.”

The union, which represents 15,000 American Airlines pilots, listed a series of “troubling trends” it has observed. Among the problems are tools left in wheelhouses, an increase in collisions between towed aircraft, and longer intervals between regular aircraft inspections.

The union also said there was improper paperwork when moving the damaged aircraft to a new location and a lack of proper special flight permits for the international maintenance ferry flights.

He urged pilots to remain vigilant and take their time to ensure safety.

“Remember: Don’t rush, don’t be scared, and don’t be pressured into doing something that doesn’t pass the ‘smell test.'” Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safe. No,” the memo says. “Be aware of the hazards when operating on busy airport ramps and taxiways staffed by inexperienced controllers and ground personnel.”

in Update posted on MondayAPA President Ed Sitcher said the union met with management earlier this month to address safety concerns.

“APA is seriously focused on finding a solution, which will require collaboration between the union and management, but management’s initial response to our concerns has been encouraging.” said.

American Airlines emphasized its commitment to safety in a statement, saying it is “working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and its unions to build on our strong safety record and strengthen our evolving safety culture.” .

“Safety is a common mission for any airline, and that is especially true at American Airlines. Our robust safety program is guided by an industry-leading safety management system,” the airline added.

The airline industry has faced increasing scrutiny in recent months. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced last month that it would increase its oversight of United Airlines. Separately, the FAA is investigating Boeing for safety concerns after a door plug blew off an Alaska Airlines plane earlier this year.

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