Americans Are So Financially Inept That They’re Literally Making GoFundMe Pages For Their Student Loans

A CBS MoneyWatch report released Tuesday detailed how a huge number of GoFundMe’s 2023 campaigns are dedicated to people paying off student loan debt.

Campaigns to help pay off student loans increased by about 40% in 2023. according to Go to CBS News. However, this is not a shock to many. All student loan repayments were suspended for three years during the COVID-19 pandemic and resumed earlier this year. And instead of preparing for this period of time that we all knew was coming, students didn’t play jack.

When you ask someone to pay off your student loan debt, the problem consists of two parts. Clearly, this country is snowballing towards financial collapse. Everything will be more expensive under President Joe Biden.The average American must spend extra $11,434 per year to maintain quality of life and maintain cost of living.

Understood. Life is expensive. So stop buying all the unnecessary crap you think you need. It’s really just a modern luxury that we’re so spoiled that we can’t appreciate having it in the first place. In October, we learned how families struggle to make ends meet by watching cable TV, renting unnecessary office space, and going out to expensive restaurants for dinner. We have published an article that explains in detail.

But that doesn’t mean your financial ignorance is someone else’s problem. It took me three years to catch ducks in a row. You have three years to grow your savings and rethink your financial practices in a rapidly evolving employment environment. (Related: ‘Graduating in a recession’: Students, you need to prepare for what’s coming in the near future)

The only person graduates of higher education have to blame is themselves. Sure, you can blame the school for being so expensive, but the school didn’t ask you to get a degree you probably didn’t need to do the job, right? And no one else did.



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