ANALYSIS: Democrats Are Hoping To Memory-Hole The Destruction They Wreaked On America Just Ahead Of Midterms

More than two years ago, Democrats locked down Americans, slowed the economy to a screeching halt, forced a vaccine on citizens and demanded they stay apart.

Now, the economy has yet to recover. A record number of Americans are still out of a job, inflation is at an all-time high and prices are higher than ever.

The Atlantic made waves this week after publishing an article by Emily Oster that called for “a pandemic amnesty.” Oster, to be fair, was one of the few liberals to oppose COVID lockdowns, especially those in schools. But the strategy is one adopted by the left of late, as they seek to distance themselves from policies that damaged America. (RELATED: ROOKE: No Mercy, No Quarter: It’s Time To Crush The Branch Covidians)

Take, for example, the toll that pandemic lockdowns had on children. A study put out by Oster found that across 11 state, “student pass rates declined by 12.8 percentage points in math and 6.8 percentage points in ELA between 2019 and 2021, on average (Spring 2020 assessments were not administered due to the pandemic).”

During the year of pandemic lockdowns, mental-health related visited to the ER among adolescents under 18 increased by 31% from what it was the year previous, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

“In May 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, ED visits for suspected suicide attempts began to increase among adolescents aged 12–17 years, especially girls,” the study reads. (RELATED: Residents Are Terrified As China Brings Back Totalitarian COVID Lockdowns)

In California, 60% of black, Latino and economically disadvantaged students did not meet English standards, and 80% did not meet math standards. Standardized test scores in Michigan plummeted in most grades from their pre-pandemic scores. Washington students saw test scores drop by 20 points from their pre-pandemic levels. Among Maryland students, 85% were not proficient in Math, and 76% are not proficient in English.

Children who lived through pandemic lockdowns lack basic life skills like cutting a dotted line or twisting off a plastic cap on a bottle, The Washington Post reported.

Doubtless Democrats have finally learned the hard way that you don’t mess with the kids. Their policies have had a disastrous effect on nearly every demographic and age group imaginable, but policies that hurt children are generally dealt with in a particularly harsh manner at the voting booth. After all, parents rights will likely be a significant motivating factor for voters this midterm cycle. Knowing this, Democrats are seeking to distance themselves from policies they once passionately supported. (RELATED: Fauci Stepping Down As Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor, NIAID Director)

Economic issues are dominating the midterm cycle, consistently appearing as the top most important issue for voters in polls. Republican run states that had minimal to no lockdowns recovered way faster after the pandemic than those in Democrat run states. As voters look to right their economic woes next week, this fact may be harder to bury than the Democrats would hope.

Some of the most statist purveyors of lockdowns openly flouted their own pandemic measures. Democratic. California Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught eating with a large group indoors without a mask at a luxury restaurant in Napa Valley in November 2020. Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer violated her own COVID protocols twice in the course of five weeks.

Two years ago, coming up on Thanksgiving, leftist activists and Democrats encouraged families to ostracize other family members, especially those that did not abide by the strictest of COVID lockdown measures. An Esquire article interviewed an “expert” on what to do with unvaccinated family members this Thanksgiving. (RELATED: Countries That Pursued ‘Zero-COVID’ Lockdowns Have The Least Immunity From The Virus, Report Finds)

“They’ve given you no option but to rescind that invitation. Best to tell them now, while they still have time to get some food from the store,” the expert chided readers.

COVID tsar Anthony Fauci told Americans not to invite their unvaccinated relatives for the holidays. Oregon Governor Kate Brown told Americans to “keep it small” and “uninvite” close friends and family members.

Democrats insisted on implementing policies that drove us apart, knee-capped the economy, and hurt our kids. We’ll find out soon enough if their attempt to outrun their own policies will work in the memories of voters.

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