Andrew Cuomo addresses power women’s gathering

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke at the Central Park West home of Third Point hedge funder Daniel Loeb and his philanthropist and film director wife Margaret Manzer Loeb. I heard that she addressed a group of women activists, donors, activists and shakers.

Officials said the recent meeting was about combating anti-Semitism in New York.

She received an invitation to the event from political fundraising consultant Jennifer Beyer Michaels, who said: Darkness around October 7th It continues to be an unbearable burden, and many of us are searching for answers, strategies, and coping mechanisms to address the many issues within and outside of government. ”

Andrew Cuomo was invited to speak at a private gathering of powerful women. AP

The email continued, “There are few answers and very few strategic plans to address this huge problem facing our Jewish community. I had the guidance and advice of former Governor Cuomo. His love for Israel runs deep. His strategic advice has been invaluable.”

“We look forward to sharing his ideas and opinions on the way forward as we seek to impact our communities and positively impact change.”

Co-hosts of the conference include venture capitalist Lisa Blau (who is also the wife of Related CEO Jeff T. Blau), entrepreneurs Lynn Theis and Simone Levinson, according to an email. (also wife of real estate investor David) were included. Levinson).

Officials say Mr. Cuomo is planning a return to politics. Reuters

Margaret Loeb also attended a women’s group at her home, spies said.

“The room was packed with people demanding Governor Cuomo’s direction,” a source said.

“He said it intentionally and with that purpose in mind,” said another official, adding that the meeting generated a lot of support for the former Paul.

Margaret Munser Loeb is a philanthropist and filmmaker. Getty Images for National Institute of Reproductive Health

Cuomo declined to comment, but said, “This is a time for purposeful action, and Governor Cuomo is committed to working with like-minded people to support the Jewish community during this difficult time.” I’m looking forward to it.”

Mr. Cuomo is trying to make a comeback behind the scenes.

He has spoken at prominent Democratic club gatherings in Brooklyn and at events in the Hamptons, and has met with Mayor Eric Adams and former presidents. Hotel Trade Council.

There were rumors that he could May run for mayor from New York City, and polls suggest he may Defeat Adams in the primary.

Loeb’s film credits include “Chasing Childhood” and “What Comes Around.” Getty Images for National Institute of Reproductive Health

cuomo resigned as governor He was threatened with impeachment in 2020 after numerous women accused him of sexual misconduct, but he denied the accusations.

Cuomo later said: he regretted Going down.

He has recently blow up your own party, Including President Biden.



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