Andy Stanley’s Church to Host LGBT-Affirming Conference

Andy Stanley An upcoming conference for missionary leaders and parents of LGBTQ children sponsored by the church has been called a “clear and tragic departure from Biblical Christianity” by a prominent evangelical leader. , which states that the lineup of speakers reveals the theological stance of the event.

Stanley’s North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a 9-member church aimed at parents of LGBTQ+ children and pastors looking to find ways to support parents and LGBTQ+ children in their churches. We will be hosting the Unconditional Conference, a two-day event on the 28th and 29th of May. ,” the Website Say. Stanley is also one of the speakers.

The website says, “You’ll feel prepared, refreshed, and inspired as you hear from leading communicators on topics that speak to your heart, soul, and spirit.” “It is our sincere hope that this time brings healing and restoration. No matter what theological stance you hold, it is our sincere hope that in approaching this subject from a quiet central space, , listen, reflect, and learn.”

However, Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, To tell Advertisements for the conference “make it clear that this event is designed as a platform to normalize the LGBTQ+ revolution,” while also “claiming that the conference represents a ‘quieter in-between space.’ Mohler criticized the conference in the new World Opinion magazine. column.

The scheduled speakers are:

  • David Gussie, a Christian ethics professor at Mercer University, supports same-sex marriage and has advocated for “full LGBTQ inclusion” within the church. saying Christianity has historically been wrong on this issue. Gushee will present a breakout session entitled “Wrestling with theology in the face of Jesus.”
  • Justin Lee, executive director of Nuance Ministries and “a Christian voice for LGBTQ affirmation,” said: Website. The title of his breakout session is “What’s Happening to My Faith?” Mr. Lee is gay.
  • Brian Nietzel, who is gay, says he co-founded Renovas, “an organization that helps LGBTQ+ individuals rediscover Jesus.” Website. Mr. Nietzel is leading a subcommittee titled “LGBTQ+ Faith Stories: Hope and Insight for Children.”
  • Greg and Lynn McDonald, authors of this book Embracing the Journey: A Blueprint for Christian Parents Who Love Their LGBTQ Children Co-founder of Embracing the Journey Ministry. The title of their breakout session is “Embracing the Journey: Beyond Fear to Survive and Thrive.”

Embracing the Journey sponsors the Unconditional Conference. (Mr. Nietzel is a member of the department’s board of directors.) Gushee’s book is among the books recommended on his Embracing the Journey website. change one’s mindIn it, he describes how he moved from traditional and orthodox understandings of LGBT issues to positive ones. Another book recommended by this website is God and Gay Christians: Biblical Cases Supporting Homosexual Relationships Written by Matthew Vines.

“This meeting is not really ‘quiet,’ nor is it an ‘in-between space,'” Mohler wrote. “This conference is structured in a way that most evangelicals will immediately recognize as a departure from the historical norm of Biblical Christianity.”…Perhaps this conference will surprise us And Stanley would be a vocal affirmation of the authority of the Bible and the long-held beliefs of the Christian church regarding sexuality. Marriage and sex. But that would require reversing Stanley’s trajectory and radically revising the platform’s guests. Let me state the obvious: it’s not what’s advertised. He has been working in this direction for many years now. Unfortunately, it looks like the train is about to leave the station. ”

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