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Anti-Israel couple arrested at gunpoint during LA protest with toddler in backseat

During chaotic demonstrations outside a Los Angeles synagogue, two anti-Israel protesters in a Range Rover were detained at gunpoint by riot police, and officers were seen removing a kefir-covered toddler from the back seat and away from the mayhem.

The unrest began Sunday when pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the Adas Torah synagogue in the majority-Jewish Pico-Robertson neighborhood and tried to block the entrance. CBS News.

Pro-Israel protesters retaliated by coming out in large numbers and trying to block a Range Rover from entering a gas station opposite the synagogue.

A woman in a Range Rover is seen standing out of the sunroof and giving the middle finger to opposing protesters. Los Angeles Scanner (via Storyful)

The video was shared Social media A woman is seen emerging from the car’s sunroof, brandishing a keffiyeh in one hand and shouting at counter-protesters who are blocking the vehicle and holding up American and Israeli flags.

She gave both middle fingers to bystanders before LAPD officers in full riot gear approached her Range Rover with their guns drawn.

“Hands up. Get out of the car right now. Ma’am, get out of the car,” officers yelled as the woman and male driver swarmed the car.

The driver, wearing a mask and yellow shirt, got out of the car first and raised his hands in surrender.

Seconds later, the woman got out of the car, still holding the kefir, and handed herself in to police.

After handcuffing the two adults, officers are seen pulling a kefir-covered toddler from the back seat of the car and removing him from the mayhem.

The driver, wearing a mask and yellow shirt, got out of the car first and raised his hands in surrender. Los Angeles Scanner (via Storyful)

Another video from the same Range Rover, taken during Sunday’s unrest, showed a detained woman waving a flag that read “Free Palestine.”

It is unclear whether any charges have been filed against the couple.

No injuries were reported during the protests, but a police spokesman said one person was arrested on a misdemeanor for possessing a “flag with a nail attached.” LA Times.

LAPD officers in full riot gear were seen with their guns drawn as they approached the pair in a Range Rover at a gas station across from the chapel. Los Angeles Scanner (via Storyful)

Rabbi Herzl Irrian, founder of the JEM Community Center in Beverly Hills, condemned the anti-Israel protesters who swarmed the streets, causing horrific scenes.

“I can’t imagine a Jew going out in front of a mosque, a Christian going out in front of a mosque and doing something like that. Nobody would approve of this, but here, with regards to the Jews and Israel, everything is kosher and everything is OK,” Illian said. CBS News.

Gov. Gavin Newsom also condemned the violence and disorder seen on the streets.

Officers were seen dragging a toddler covered in kefir from the back seat of a car. Los Angeles Scanner (via Storyful)

“The violent confrontation that took place outside Adas Torah Synagogue in Los Angeles is horrific,” Newsom said. Post to X Sunday evening.

“There is no excuse for targeting houses of worship. There is no place for such anti-Semitic hatred in California.”

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass called the violence in her city “abhorrent” and said the closure of synagogues was “unacceptable.”

The child was removed from the disturbance by police. Los Angeles Scanner (via Storyful)
Los Angeles Police responded to reports of clashes between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel protesters in the majority-Jewish Pico-Robertson neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. Los Angeles Scanner (via Storyful)

“I have asked the LAPD to increase patrols in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood and outside places of worship across the city, and I will be meeting with Chief Chay tomorrow to further discuss the safety of Angelenos,” Bass told CBS News.

“I want to be clear that Los Angeles will not be a hotbed of anti-Semitism or violence. Those responsible will be found and held accountable.”

Bass said he plans to meet with City Councilwoman Katie Yaroslavsky, Rabbi Noah Farkas, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, and “other law enforcement and religious leaders” in the area to discuss steps to prevent something like this from happening again.

The Adas Torah synagogue is about four miles from the UCLA campus, the site of the Gaza encampment protests.