Anti-woke app PublicSq. sees spike in traffic from Democrats

As big companies struggle to respond to the Israel-Hamas war, business is flowing to companies that have avoided wokeness, and some of the new shoppers are Democrats.

Public Square – a shopping website and app that requires publicly listed companies to adhere to values ​​such as “liberty,” “family” and “the Constitution” – has tripled its traffic since the Israeli attack a month ago, the company’s president said. Michael Seifert said. On the money.

About 25% of new users are registered Democrats, according to the company’s internal research.

Seifert points to the fact that many chapters of Black Lives Matter, which have received millions of dollars in corporate donations over the past few years, support Hamas.

Meanwhile, companies like Starbucks and Apple have remained silent about the attack.

“Every time there is international turmoil, we see people prioritize supporting local businesses,” Seifert added. “But now we’re seeing a concerted effort to avoid companies jumping to any political cause other than supporting Israel.”

The company’s business comes after some shoppers objected to Publis Square Target’s Pride Month display and an ad campaign that had transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney promoting Bud Light failed. initially increased rapidly.

About 25% of new users are registered Democrats, according to the company’s internal research. Michael Seifert, President of PublicSq.
Paola Morongello

But Seifert said the past month has really served as a wake-up call, prompting people to reevaluate where they put their money.

“The significant increase comes as consumers are more aware of the need to support small and domestic businesses, and more aware than ever that corporate giving is rooted in false virtue signaling. You can see it,” Seifert said.

Seifert said this means many companies are actively pushing back against their own beliefs, and shoppers are “unequivocally” wanting a “parallel economy” of companies that align with their values. He said it was a reminder.

“I’m tired of all the political noise,” said one recently registered user. “I want to escape from there.”

To be approved to join the platform, companies must respect PublicSq.’s “pro-American” values ​​and “dedicate time, money, or resources contrary to those values,” according to presentations from reviewed companies. You need to commit to not spending. By Post.

Users with accounts can search for businesses in categories such as banking, beauty, and jewelry on the app. Customers can filter results to find small businesses in their area or expand their search nationwide, but all the businesses they’re looking for are businesses that “contribute to life, family, and society.” You can see that it is run by. It’s freedom,” Seifert said.

Seifert said each company is vetted by a “screening team” to ensure that the company publicly adheres to those values.

PublicSq., which can be accessed online or by downloading an app, is free to both users and businesses and makes money by selling advertising.

Seifert told the Post he believes the focus is on: Estimated 100 million conservatives In the United States, people looking for alternatives to buying from companies that support progressive policies will be big business.

According to 5W PR research71% of Americans say they want to buy from companies that align with their values ​​– and Seifert says that’s a sign of well-served businesses that are trying to support companies they trust. This means that there are tens of millions of conservatives who are not receiving the benefits.

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