‘Antisemitic Incidents’ at Highest Level Ever Recorded in UK

The Community Security Trust has announced that a surge in anti-Semitism has been “inspired” by Hamas, revealing the highest number of incidents ever.

There were 4,103 anti-Semitic incidents in the UK last year, far above the previous record recorded by the Community Security Trust (CST), with the majority occurring in the last two months of the year following Hamas attacks on Israel. It occurred on the moon. In October 2023.

CST reports that the number of incidents that occurred after the Hamas attacks at the end of 2023 increased by 589 percent compared to the same period last year. The group has been tracking anti-Semitic attacks in the UK since 1984 and said in its report that it had previously seen spikes in incidents while Israel was at war, but that by 2023 What made it stand out, he said, was that the surge occurred immediately after the Hamas attack, rather than immediately after. The counterattack began almost a month later.

According to CST, October 11, 2023 was the worst day for anti-Semitic incidents in the UK since records began.

In response to the phenomenon, CST said on Thursday: “The speed with which anti-Semites mobilized in the UK after the Hamas attack suggests that, at least initially, the significant increase in anti-Jewish hatred was, if anything, a celebration of Hamas. It shows,” he said. Atrocities committed by people whose hatred was emboldened and justified in their minds by the atrocities committed against civilians in southern Israel…It was Israel’s actions in Gaza that caused most of the anti-Semitism in this country. It was a Hamas terrorist attack, not a military response. ”

The report covers several types of incidents, including 266 assaults, an increase of 96% over the year, 182 incidents of damage to Jewish-owned property, an increase of 146%, and 3,328 acts of abuse. ing. This includes “verbal and written anti-Semitic abuse other than direct threats…anti-Semitic emails, text messages, social media posts, comments, and targeted anti-Semitic letters. ” is included.

Additionally, the Trust recorded instances of intimidation, mass production of anti-Semitic literature and hatred in schools.

Speaking about the report, UK Home Secretary James Cleverley, the government minister responsible for policing, called the rise in anti-Semitism “beyond contempt” and said the government had increased funding for the CST. Stated. “We will always support the Jewish community,” he said.

The issue of anti-Semitism continues to affect British politics. Opinion polls show Sir Keir Starmer’s opposition Labor Party, which is hoping to become the next prime minister later this year, has had to suspend three candidates from the party over anti-Semitic comments. Ta. Mr Starmer suspended two candidates in two days this week, bringing the total to three in two weeks.

Anti-Semitism has been a problem that has plagued Labor in recent years, particularly under and since Jeremy Corbyn took office, although Mr Corbyn has been accused of worsening the problem during his time in office. working on the problem. Atiqul Haque, Salisbury’s first Muslim mayor, Canceled on Thursdayreports. Daily Telegraph, He was accused of making “offensive” comments on social media and was expelled from the Conservative Party.



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