AOC joins critics of NYPD dance team, but for a very different reason

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Progressive Squad Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York joined critics of the NYPD’s dance team, but not because of concerns about crime.

“How many school music programs have been defunded because of this,” AOC, who has notoriously supported defunding police campaigns, wrote to X.

The NYPD’s dance team recently performed live on local news station PIX 11, sparking an immediate backlash online for accusing the department of not focusing on crime-fighting and law enforcement. Ta. Other critics who spoke to FOX News Digital said the video was offensive not only to taxpayers but also to women who work in law enforcement.

“If you have to do it, do it on your own time. In this day and age of violent crime in New York City.”, Former FBI agent and FOX News contributor Nicole Parker told FOX News Digital, “This is not appropriate. This is not keeping the community safe and it’s very concerning.” .

NYPD dance team shot amid crime concerns

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D.N.Y.) speaks to reporters on December 13, 2023. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

In response to Ocasio-Cortez’s response, some X users said the congresswoman missed the point while still condemning the seven-member police dance team’s performance.

“How many people in your district are being hurt by immigrant infiltration?” one user said.

“How many school music programs could we fund if we got rid of useless and toxic politicians like you?” asked another.

“Isn’t this the type of police you like? Police that don’t actually enforce the law,” a third person wrote.

NYPD Dance Team

The New York City Police Department is facing opposition over its extracurricular dance team, with critics demanding officers focus more on fighting crime. (Fox 5 New York)

NYPD Immigration Raid: Alvin Bragg Defends Catch-and-Release, But Judge Gives Suspected Gang Member $1 Bail

Last April, Ocasio-Cortez specifically criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams for increasing police pay. The move comes in the wake of 2020’s racial justice protests and riots, as well as years of struggles to recruit and retain law enforcement officers in the wake of COVID-19. Ta. The pandemic and subsequent vaccine mandates. AOC took issue with the fact that most police officers are “paid more than teachers with master’s degrees who work with the same children involved in the same incidents.”

“We will defund safety, we will defund public schools, we will defund public pools, we will defund parks, we will defund libraries. “And yet they are depleting all these resources and demanding cuts in every sector except the military,” she said. she said at the time.

The police dance crew video was released at a time when New York City is struggling with resources to manage an influx of more than 170,000 immigrants.

Immigration Arraignment in New York

YoHenry Brito attended the arraignment in Manhattan Supreme Court of five men accused of involvement in a gang assault on two New York City police officers. (Theodore Parisienne for the New York Daily News, via Getty Images)

On January 27, a group of immigrants were accused of attacking two New York City police officers in Times Square. A week and a half later, on February 8, an immigrant teenager allegedly shot and killed a woman at a Times Square clothing store and then opened fire on NYPD officers.

The New York City Police Department released citywide crime statistics for January, revealing that robberies increased by nearly 6% and grand larcenies increased slightly. Officials added that crimes on subways and transit systems, which account for just 2% of all major crimes in New York City, increased by 70 crimes in January (222 vs. 152) in the index crime count.

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Despite the latest increase in violent crime last month, authorities continue to see declines in most major crime categories compared to the first month of last year, including significant declines in murder, rape, robbery and felonies. It is claimed that it continues.

FOX News’ Stephanie Price contributed to this report.



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