AP Claims, Without Evidence, Target Boycotts Became ‘Violent’ — Then Stealth-Edits Story

Far-left Associated Press (AP) spreads conspiracy theory that target customers act violently, disgraceful news outlet announces updates and corrections after being accused of spreading this misinformation secretly deleted the lie.

“The Associated Press removed the uncredited claim without telling readers.” report Just The News, “In response to ‘intimidation of workers’ and ‘violent confrontations’ between customers and employees, Target removed LGBTQ merchandise prominently displayed at its Pride Month exhibit. or moved.”

As many of us know, Target has partnered with companies such as Disney to prematurely expose young children to adult sexuality, homosexuality, transvestites, transsexuals, and drag queens. doing grooming.

Any individual or company that launches a campaign to prematurely sexualize a child is guilty of child abuse, is a threat to the child, and is undoubtedly preparing for abuse.

In America, June is now Pride Month, a festival where two percent of the population unconscionably stupidly and disgustly celebrates the act of manipulating their genitals. As if that wasn’t bad enough, companies like Disney and Target are using Pride Month as an excuse to groom their kids.

Target is very passionate about this decadence. It has partnered with Satanists.

Clearly, decent and normal people believe it’s wrong to have sex with children and are offended by Target’s (literally) devilish grooming. This naturally provoked a backlash.


The Associated Press is staunchly on the groomer’s side, spreading lies that make the target’s literal Satanists look like victims here. The conspiracy theory published by the Associated Press is as follows.

“Target removes some LGBTQ merchandise from stores ahead of Pride Month in June after threats to workers.” read fake headlines. The story begins with a lie like this:

Target is removing certain products from its stores nationwide ahead of Pride Month and making other changes to its LGBTQ merchandise following a violent backlash from some customers, including violent confrontations with employees.

The next day, the Associated Press liars changed things. Unsurprisingly, the article is still full of unsubstantiated claims, but the Associated Press conspiracy theory of intimidation and violence has been removed. But because the Associated Press is a fake news outlet, there are no editorial memos outlining the corrections. Far-left hoaxers are choosing to pretend it didn’t happen.

new headline read“Target becomes the latest company to suffer an LGBTQ+ support backlash, withdrawing some clothing for Pride Month”.

Here’s how the opening paragraph is secretly rewritten:

Since launching this year’s collection, we have experienced threats that affect our team members’ sense of safety and well-being at work,” Target said in a statement Tuesday. “In light of this volatility, we are adjusting our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most serious conflicts.”

“As the Associated Press continued to cover this story, we were able to provide more specific examples of what happened and have updated the story accordingly,” said Lauren Easton, vice president of corporate communications. told Just the News.

But when asked why there was no editorial note explaining the corrections, Target declined to respond to two Just the News inquiries.

Here’s what the disgraced AP looks like I will explain Some of the awkward merchandise for Pride Month:

… “tuck-friendly” women’s swimwear that allows trans women who have not undergone gender reassignment surgery to hide their private areas.

Here is the English translation: This apparel is designed for the male cross-dresser who likes to parade as a woman and tuck Johnson between their legs. buffalo bill.

In other words, Target sells and displays fetish goods in front of the whole world, including children.

Target is in business with Satanists and makes children easy targets for sexual abuse. It’s that simple.

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