‘Appearing Desperate’: Biden Gears Up For Potential Meeting With Xi As US-China Relations Spiral

  • President Joe Biden is likely to visit Chinese President Xi Jinping in the coming months, marking the first meeting between the two in nearly a year.
  • According to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, China is aggressively expanding its espionage and economic activities against the United States and is building up its military in preparation for a war “unprecedented in modern times.”
  • “The meeting between Mr. Biden and Mr. Xi will be very productive for China,” Gordon Zhang, a foreign policy expert and senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Despite all the problems that Mr. Xi has at home, he is incredibly arrogant at the moment.”

President Joe Biden plans to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping later this year as Beijing increases hostility toward the United States

Ahead of Biden and Xi’s expected attendance at the Asia-Pacific Summit in November, Xi is likely to make a separate visit with Biden at a possible summit in Washington, D.C., by the end of the year. There is. It will be the first time in a year that the leaders of the two countries will meet face-to-face, as tensions between the United States and China steadily rise. according to People briefed on the matter told The Wall Street Journal. Biden and his administration have called for cooperation and diplomacy in dealing with China, even as China is aggressively expanding its military with a view to war with the United States and possible invasion of Taiwan. (Related: ‘Couldn’t be more clear’: Air Force chief warns China ‘among other things’ preparing for war with US)

“The meeting between Mr. Biden and Mr. Xi will be very productive for China,” Gordon Zhang, a foreign policy expert and senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Despite all of his problems at home, Mr. Xi is incredibly arrogant at the moment. It seems so.”

“Biden seems desperate to build friendly relations with China. Perhaps he is trying to convince the American people that the Communist Party actually corrupted his family.” he said. “Let’s hope Biden doesn’t save the Chinese Communist Party.”

China’s latest persistence against the Biden administration comes after its fighter jets shot down a surveillance balloon in February, when spying on Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, where key elements of the U.S. nuclear arsenal are located, was first discovered. As a result, it suddenly increased. The balloon was part of a large-scale spying operation by China to gather information about other countries. President Xi was reportedly very upset that the balloon was shot down.

Mr. Biden later said the balloon’s disappearance was a “huge embarrassment” for Mr. Xi and called Mr. Xi a “dictator” in June, ahead of Mr. Blinken’s diplomatic visit to Beijing. China’s Foreign Ministry criticized Biden’s comments, calling them “ridiculously irrational and irresponsible.”

Ahead of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo’s August visit for diplomatic talks with Beijing, the email servers of the Commerce and State Departments were compromised by a China-based hacker group following a recent failed trip by senior Biden administration officials. It turned out that it had been compromised. Since May. This week, it was revealed that a total of approximately 60,000 emails were stolen from the State Department. The numbers stolen from the Department of Commerce have not yet been reported.

China has also taken an increasingly hostile stance toward Western companies amid an ongoing trade war with the United States over its vital semiconductor industry. The United States imposed sanctions on exports of semiconductor manufacturing to limit the influx of Western technology. China has placed limits on the raw materials the United States needs to make computer chips.

Apart from its espionage and trade war efforts, China is rapidly improving its capabilities by incorporating technology into its military, and is working with countries such as Russia to strengthen their mutual defenses. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall issued a stark warning in September, saying it “couldn’t be more clear” that China was preparing the United States for a war “without modern experience.”

China has carried out increasingly aggressive military demonstrations around the island in recent months, including missile launches off the coast and naval and air exercises, and there is a possibility that China’s military might turn its attention to Taiwan. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan and is hostile to countries that seek to intervene on Taiwan’s behalf.

“The Biden administration’s ‘zombie engagement’ with the Chinese government this year has done nothing to roll back the Chinese Communist Party’s malign activities,” said Brian Black, senior policy advisor at the Heritage Foundation. told DCNF. “China has further escalated its belligerent behavior in the Taiwan Strait, cut off critical minerals, and continues to undermine U.S. sanctions and technology controls.”

Biden and Xi have not met since the G20 summit in Bali in November 2022. President Xi was conspicuously absent from both this year’s G20 Summit in New Delhi and the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. After the G20 summit, Biden had hoped to meet with Xi, but he said he was not surprised by Xi’s absence. (Related: China blocks US executives from leaving mainland China, spurring concerns about doing business with China)


“Just because I don’t talk to you personally doesn’t mean there’s a crisis.” [Xi]. That would be better, but look, this is an observation, not a criticism, but he’s got his hands full right now,” Biden said, referring to China’s economic downturn. “No one would like to celebrate an international conference when they don’t know what they want out of it anyway… He may have a strategy, but he didn’t give it to me. We just don’t share it.”

Biden’s microphone was then cut off after he said he was going to “sleep.” A week later, at the United Nations General Assembly, Biden promised that the United States was “ready to work with China” on a number of issues, including the “most important” issue of climate change, and cut ties with the communists. I promised not to try. country’s economy.

Mark Montgomery, a retired major general and senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told DCNF that “normally, two superpowers interacting with each other is a routine, normal process with no risk.” “However, one of these powers, China, ignores basic requirements for military hotline checks, refuses to attend international conferences attended by other countries, and engages in aggressive behavior toward other allies and partners. You must be careful when you take action, to reward this action.”

If U.S.-China tensions escalate further, the possibility of a meeting between Biden and Xi could be eliminated, according to officials who spoke to the Journal. A potential government shutdown in November could pose further risks to the summit.

The Biden administration has recently expressed interest in meeting with Xi and the State Department. saying “There is no substitute for communication between leaders,” he said Wednesday.

“At a time when China is preparing to wage war on America, Biden is not emphasizing defense. He is trying to establish communication channels with a Chinese regime that has no interest in sharing the planet with us. “There are,” Chan told DCNF.

The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

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