Arizona couple, Lisa Lenahan and Kirt Heaward, intentionally run by truck

The Arizona woman remains in a medically induced coma. She is said to have been deliberately executed At the track during a morning walk with my partner.

Lisa Renahan and Kurt Heward A dark gray GMC pickup truck driven by Refugio Barraça Torres was on a Monday morning walk as it slowly veered into the street they were walking on, quickly picking up speed and crashing into Lennahan. According to ABC15.

Moments later, the truck came back and rammed straight into Heaward, crashing into a brick wall in the process. The truck tries to escape while the entire right front wheel is disengaged.

According to reports, both Lenahan and Heward, both in their 60s, did not know Torres prior to the incident and were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Heaward was released from hospital Wednesday afternoon after breaking four ribs, while Lenahan remains in the ICU in a medically-induced coma due to a brain hemorrhage.

Phoenix police followed a skid track from the scene to a nearby house and found Torres standing next to a truck with no tires.

According to court documents obtained by ABC 15, Torres, who is facing two assault charges, had brain problems and told police that “the devil told me to kill three people.”

police Torres’ wife reported that he had been acting strangely all week, and his family claimed he was taking random medications.

Lisa Renahan just before being run over by a Refugio Barratha Torres truck.
ABC 15: YouTube

Refugio Barraza Torres is back to go after Kirt Heward.
Refugio Barraza Torres is back to go after Kirt Heward.
ABC 15: YouTube

The couple’s attorney, Chris Goodnow, said the couple have been living together for several years, live next door and often go for walks.

“It’s a really terrible tragedy,” said Goodnow. “When you look at the footage, it’s basically a small miracle that they’re alive now.”

Neighbors who lived near the scene told ABC 15 It’s possible that Torres was stalking the couple.

Linda Gorey, who lives near the scene, said, “I felt like I was stalking someone when I found out someone was on the street. ‘He was so slow. It was out of the ordinary.'”

Kurt Heward and Lisa Renahan have four boys and six grandchildren.
Kurt Heward and Lisa Renahan have four boys and six grandchildren.
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according to GoFundMe page, Heward is a veteran and Lenehan is a former caregiver. I am a parent of 4 boys and have 6 grandchildren.

“This devastating incident can never be undone and in the near future they won’t be able to do all the things they love while in retirement.”

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