Armed Suspects Target Man in ‘Jugging’ Attempt

A Dallas, Texas, man was left shaken on Tuesday after he was ambushed by three armed suspects as he came out of a bank.

mark gardner Said WFAA felt the story needed to be heard because “we never thought something like this would happen.”

Gardner said she was with her son-in-law when the incident occurred. Dallas police subsequently confirmed reports of recent “jugging” incidents.

“Jagging” refers to following a person home after leaving a bank with a large amount of cash and attempting to rob the victim.

image show Residents and suspects surround his car.of new york post explained Gardner, 73, is a “wealthy Texas investor.”

The individuals are accused of following Mr. Gardner and his son-in-law to their residence and attempting to extort money.

Surveillance camera footage shows three suspects wearing dark clothes getting out of an SUV and approaching the man’s car. They try to open one of the car doors, but one of the suspects appears to be banging on the window with a gun.

At one point, the suspect appears to attempt to gain entry by breaking a window. Gardner and his son-in-law ultimately fled the area without being injured in the incident, according to the WFAA report.

“They may think they’re invincible. But if you think you’re that tough, wait until you’re in prison,” the man said of the group, telling others to warned to be careful.

According to Breitbart News, another “jagging” incident occurred in Houston in February, when a suspect robbed and paralyzed a woman.


Credit: Houston Police Department/LOCAL NEWS X/TMX

“Prior to the incident, the woman withdrew money from Bank of America, and the suspect is accused of following her more than 20 miles to the area where the robbery allegedly occurred,” the newspaper reported. .

In July, a group of four adults and two juveniles were accused of following and robbing a man in his driveway in Houston after cashing a check for his daughter.

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