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Arson Suspected at Valley of the Cross Fire in Jerusalem

Israeli police said on Monday that a fire in Jerusalem’s Valley of Crosses is likely the result of arson, putting the Israel Museum and other important nearby sites at risk.

Home to an ancient Greek Orthodox monastery, traditionally believed to be the place where the wood for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion was obtained, this valley is a popular hiking area and lies directly below the Israel Museum and the Israeli Parliament (Knesset).

Valley of Crosses illuminated by moonlight and the city street lights beyond, November 2023 (Joel Pollack/Breitbart News)

Firefighters rushed to put out the blaze on Sunday, which quickly engulfed dead trees and approached the museum.

Ynet News report Monday:

An investigation into the fire that spread from the Valley of Crosses in Jerusalem on Sunday revealed that the blaze started in three different locations, fire officials said.

The fire spread to vegetation in the Valley of Crosses near the Israel Museum. As a precaution, workers were evacuated from the museum. Fire and rescue teams, as well as six firefighting planes, managed to prevent the fire, which had reached the museum’s fence, from penetrating inside.

The museum’s artwork was not damaged, but the roof of a youth center in the valley was damaged.

Israel has suffered terrorist-related arson attacks in the past.

Meanwhile, wildfires broke out in northern Israel and the Golan Heights on Sunday, sparked by a barrage of rockets from the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Israel responded by targeting terrorist sites.

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