As Concerns Grow About Governments Weaponizing Food Against the People, a Disabled Veteran Fights Back With Beef

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“He who controls the food supply controls the people,” Henry Kissinger once said.

Unfortunately he is not wrong. Even a free and courageous person will do what he or she does not want to do to avoid starvation for himself or his family. Disabled US Marine Corps and Army veteran Jason Nelson has seen this situation firsthand while touring Afghanistan and around the world. He believes something similar will come to the United States.

“With hunger, even the strongest people will benefit from the government,” Nelson said. “That’s why those in power are weaponizing the food supply in America and around the world.”

Nelson’s company whole cow specializes in long-term, premium beef, but unlike your standard “prepper” food company, Whole Cows only carries quality cuts such as ribeye, New York strip, tenderloin and sirloin. They promised never to inject cows with mRNA vaccines, never use lab-grown beef, and never bow to a wakeful mob.

“It’s all spooky right now, but eventually they’ll tear the rug out from under the American people,” he said. “They’re already trying to standardize cultured meats and make them worm-friendly, but they won’t wait for us to adopt them willingly. At some point in the future, they’re going to force this issue. And if you think it’s just scare-mongering, you’re not paying enough attention.”

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As Natural News’ Bell Carter and Mike Adams recently pointed out, the same people who said they would never weaponize the virus and its so-called “vaccine” would never weaponize the control of the food supply. says no.

What was once thought to be a conspiracy theory about the weaponization of the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine is now becoming fact, showing that these ‘experimental’ jabs saved countless lives. The evidence is fragmented. But the New World Order (NWO) will not stop. Because those who didn’t die from the vaccine or the genetically engineered virus itself will die from starvation and genetically engineered “frankenfood.”

“We have seen the beginning of this in the Netherlands, where thousands of farms have been seized … but that is just the beginning. We are also witnessing efforts by globalists to replace real meat with what is essentially synthetic meat for cancer tumors, which is grown, harvested, and processed into things like so-called beef patties and chicken nuggets, but you’re just eating cancer and tumor meat,” Adams told Maria Zee on a recent episode of Zeee Media. Ta.

If a person gets cancer or other disease from a “tumor fillet,” they may recommend cricket McNuggets, or feed certain insect larvae, black soldier fly larvae, or even Soylent Greens. There is a risk, he warned. “Cannibalism will become a feature of the world when starvation sets in, but it’s all engineered,” he said, noting that the shutdown had already begun. He went on to say that the extreme weather patterns currently occurring around the world are the result of geoengineering.

“I wish this was just an alternative media story. “I am sticking to a fact-based stance, which is why I left the military because of the COVID-19 attack. We are trying to get people to stock up on real, shelf-stable beef.”

whole cow has just slaughtered its 11th cow, the last one before Texas ranchers are forced to raise prices. Their rancher is not alone. The beef shortage is hitting all domestic producers. This will have an even greater impact on beef price inflation, with some expecting big price hikes to begin in grocery stores in the fall. To get ahead of this, Nelson suggests: 15% off for PTN readers Use promo code “PTN” at checkout.

Nelson’s company sells only beef, but is a strong advocate of self-sufficiency. Those with means should grow their own food whenever possible, but that’s not the only advice he gives.

“Get out of the city if you can,” says Nelson. “Grow food, keep it canned or freeze-dried for a long time, raise chickens if possible, and stock ready-to-use beef in case it’s no longer available at the grocery store.”

whole cow Beef can be stored for at least 10 years without refrigeration. The FDA says properly stored cooked freeze-dried beef can last for 25 years or more. Use promo code ‘PTN’ at checkout to take advantage of the current sale of 15% off.

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