Astros’ Dusty Baker not worrying about ‘them Yankees’ — yet

port street. LUCIE — For much of the last five years, there’s been a familiar story surrounding the Yankees, and it continues through this spring.

As one team official recently said: But we have to beat the Astros.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Houston manager Dusty Baker, who led the Astros to a World Series title after dominating the Yankees in the ALCS a year ago, has a different take on the Bombers.

“I’m worried about their Yankees when they get there,” Baker said before Houston defeated the Mets 8-4 in the Grapefruit League game at Clover Park on Tuesday.

Asked Tuesday whether he views the Yankees as his team’s biggest threat to the American League pennant, Baker said, “That puts your eyes on too many people, especially in our division. increase.”

Baker, entering his fourth season as Astros manager, said his focus was on the AL West as the Astros “had to get over Seattle, the new Texas Rangers.” [and] You should pay attention to your angels.

Dusty Baker celebrates with the World Series trophy at the Championship Parade in Houston. Baker’s Astros defeated the Yankees to advance to the World Series.
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Of the Yankees, who have lost the playoffs to the Astros in three of the last six seasons, Baker said, “They can see us if they want. We see our immediate. [concerns]You have to leave your department first.some guy [on the team] Might be so [look at the Yankees], but I’m not. When I got there, I was worried about their Yankees.

Houston, who have won the AL West five times in the past six seasons, are looking to try again as World Series champions despite losing Justin Verlander, who signed with the Mets as a free agent in the offseason.

The Astros are still considered the favorites in the AL West and are considered one of the favorites in the AL pennant alongside the Yankees.

They added Jose Abreu as first baseman to replace Yuri Gurriel and are coming to a close with a 106-win regular season and postseason culminating in a World Series victory over the Phillies.

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