At Least 10 Patients Dead After US Nurse Allegedly Replaced Fentanyl IV Bags With Tap Water

Police are investigating at least one incident that occurred at the hospital. (Representative photo)

Up to 10 patients in the US may have died after a nurse at an Oregon hospital allegedly replaced a fentanyl drip with tap new york post, police are investigating the theft of medication prescribed to patients at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford. The incident came to light early last month when hospital officials reported to police that they believed a former employee had stolen drugs.

Citation of source NBC affiliate KobiHospitals reported nine to 10 people died from the infection. Officials also said nurses injected patients with unsterile tap water to mask the misuse of a hospital-supplied painkiller, fentanyl. The alleged exchange had been affecting patients since at least the fall of 2022. Kobi report.

Two people whose relatives died at the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center said they were informed by hospital officials that the cause of death was an infection caused by replacing painkillers with sterile tap water.

by post, Medford police confirmed they are currently investigating at least one incident at the hospital. Medford Police said in a statement: “There was concern that this behavior was negatively impacting patient care, but the extent of the impact on patients is not yet known.” However, they declined to confirm whether the deaths were due to theft or tampering with medicines.

“We're investigating whether that conduct led to harmful patient care. It could be a death, it could be any other form or thing. … If it led to a death. We don't know if it was done or not,” police said.

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The police department said patients affected by the exchange have been notified. But they did not say how many people had died or been affected.

Meanwhile, the hospital said, “We are sorry to have learned of this issue.'' The hospital said it has “reported and is working closely with law enforcement.”

The Oregon Health Authority confirmed it was investigating “reports that this incident may have resulted in health care-associated infections resulting in severe injuries and deaths of several patients.” However, it remains unclear whether any arrests have been made as a result of this incident.



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