Atlanta man arrested for impersonating police officer working security

A Georgia man has been arrested for impersonating a police officer in downtown Atlanta. This is because the police noticed that there was something wrong with the uniform.

An Atlanta police officer on duty was patrolling a parking lot on August 13 when he approached a man who appeared to be an off-duty uniformed officer guarding the parking lot, the Atlanta Police Department said.

Officers on duty stopped him and asked how late he was working, police said, and he began to feel something was wrong. The officer on duty noticed that the man’s uniform was slightly out of alignment, the body camera equipment was different, and he appeared nervous.

Initially suspecting that this was simply a policy violation issue, the duty officer notified his superiors to investigate further.

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A man impersonating a police officer has been arrested in downtown Atlanta. (Atlanta Police)

Two supervisors from the Atlanta Police Department called out to the parking lot to meet the man. They also initially believed he was working off-duty work that was not permitted and may have violated uniform compliance. But this man’s story didn’t make sense, and even his veteran boss didn’t approve of him.

One of the supervisors checked the authentication records, but could not find the man’s name. The man was then taken into custody.

The man said he applied for a job at the Atlanta Police Department several years ago but failed a physical exam.

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Atlanta police arrest man impersonating police officer

Officers on duty noticed that the man’s uniform was slightly out of alignment, his body camera equipment was different, and he appeared nervous. (Atlanta Police)


The equipment he carried was similar to that of the Atlanta Police Department, but different. The guns were different models and calibers, and the guns and magazines were empty. Body cameras were not issued to officers of the Atlanta Police Department.

Police said the man was charged with impersonating a police officer and taken to the Fulton County Jail.

“The investigation into this man is not over yet,” the police wrote on Facebook. “We plan to investigate whether he has impersonated a police officer in other circumstances or elsewhere. We are asking anyone who may have encountered this fake police officer to contact us. .”

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